Precious Places Program 1 Sun. March 5 at noon

Belmont Grove - Reclaiming Coaquannock by Ollin Yolitzli Calmecac (Fairmount Park)

For many Philadelphians, the presence of indigenous cultures appears only in street signs, statues, and museums. This film tells the story of how Belmont Plateau served as a powerful gathering space for indigenous communities for over a decade, and what losing that space meant for them. 

Charles A. Tindley: Here Am I, Send Me by Charles A. Tindley Institute (South Central Philadelphia)

Tindley Temple became a sanctuary for many African Americans who migrated to Philadelphia during The Great Migration. The story follows Reverend Charles Albert Tindley, the pastor who made Tindley Temple a haven for migrants, as he evolves from a sexton to the pastor of a church later named for him. 

William Penn High School: The Story of a Great School’s Promise by William Penn Development Association (Yorktown)

William Penn High School was a source of pride for Yorktown residents, but in 2009 the School District of Philadelphia recommended its closure. Despite community resistance, the building was sold and demolished. This video documents the history of the school, the struggle of its alumni and others to maintain it as a community institution, and their hopes of eventually revitalizing the school at a new location.

Sun. Mar.5 at noon & Mon. Mar.6 at 7pm