Precious Places Program 11 Sun May 14 at noon

Neighbors and Nature in Harmony by Longford Street Residents (Northeast Philadelphia)

Tucked away in the so-called Great Northeast of Philadelphia, Longford Street is the site of the city’s first planned integrated suburban development, designed by developer and civil rights proponent Morris Milgrim in the 1950’s. “Neighbors and Nature in Harmony” uncovers a neighborhood’s unique resistance to a segregated society through the recollections of lifelong residents of Greenbelt Knoll’s nineteen houses. 

Girard Estate: Ideal City Homes by Girard Estate Area Residents and Girard Estate Neighborhood Association (South Philadelphia)

Stephen Girard, the wealthiest American citizen of his time, willed to Philadelphia his 600-acre farm on the southern most tip of the city. Within the Girard Estate neighborhood—now made up of privately-owned, tree-lined homes—proud older residents struggle to maintain their properties, while eager young families are attracted by the possibilities they see. This video illuminates the qualities of Girard Estate that every generation of residents embraces.

Bra Buddha Ransi Temple by Bra Buddha Ransi Temple and Khmer Buddhist Humanitarian Association (South Philadelphia)

The Bra Buddha Ransi Temple, through a mission of cultural preservation, provides a gathering place for a large community of Cambodian-Buddhist immigrants and first-generation Cambodian-American youth in South Philadelphia. “Bra Buddha Ransi Temple” describes the ways the building supports cultural and religious education, eases feelings of isolation, and stimulates the practice of Cambodian traditions and celebrations.

Sun May 14 at noon & Mon. May 15 at 7pm