Precious Places Program 2 Sun. March 12 at noon

Christian Street YMCA: Sharing Our History by Christian Street YMCA (South Central Philadelphia)

From segregation and racism to a diversified neighborhood, the Christian Street YMCA has a rich history to share and preserve. This film explores the impact of The Great Migration through current and former members, as well as the YMCA’s continuing reputation as a safe haven for African American children and as a place for opportunity and growth for all.

Victory Voices: Visions Anew by St. Paul Baptist Church (West Poplar)

This video provides a brief account of the century-plus journey of Morning Star Missions, which runs St. Paul's Baptist Church. It looks at pastors and congregants and highlights the E. Luther Cunningham Community Center (former St. Paul's Community House) as the Church's expanded home for serving the impoverished community in which it’s located.

Finding Home: The Ruth L. Bennett Story by Chester Housing Authority (Chester, PA)

Finding a place to call home was essential to those leaving the Jim Crow South. For many women and children who arrived in Chester, PA, in the early 20th century, the Ruth L. Bennett Home was their first safe haven. A pioneering woman, Bennett’s life of service is explored through first person accounts, archival photos, and historical documentation.

Sun. Mar. 12 at noon & Mon. Mar. 13 at 7pm