Precious Places Program 9 April 30 at noon

Manayunk Canal: Past, Present, and Future by Manayunk Neighborhood Council (Manayunk)

The now stagnant water that borders Manayunk's Main Street has shaped many neighborhood histories―the industrial development of the waterfront, the eventual flight of its factories, and the shifting character of a residential community. In a critique of a new waterfront construction on Venice Island, the video asks that Manayunk’s continued growth be respectful of the work that has been done to make the waterfront and the canal a beloved public space. 

The Garden of Unity: A Refuge of Peace on Chester Avenue by Southwest Community Development Corporation (Southwest Philadelphia)

The Unity Garden engages community members of all ages to participate in maintaining its beauty: older Garden Club members praise the opportunity to work alongside younger generations of residents and youth gardeners emphasize a sense of safety and the warm respect given by their elders. “The Garden of Unity” weaves their testimonies together to illuminate a short but compassionate history.

The Power and the Glory of "WE" by Southwest Belmont Community Association (Southcentral Philadelphia)

Shortly after the Civil War, a group of black women from twenty-three churches in Philadelphia convened to establish a center that could support females working for racial and gender equality. 140 years later, this video references the triumphant efforts of the SWBCA building’s founders to suggest a path through the center’s present hardships within a gentrifying community.

Apr.30 at noon & Mon. May 1 at 7pm