Advanced Camera Workshop


This workshop is for PhillyCAM members who wish to upgrade their videography skills using the Sony NX5U HD cameras. Participants will learn to master the camera's various functions including the iris, gain, shutter, and white balance, and audio controls. Included also are best practices for shooting footage using the camera's various high definition options, and presets. Various setup (lighting) scenarios for indoors, outdoors and multiple camera shoots will be demonstrated and discussed. Also covered will be best practices for file prep and transfer to editing applications including Final Cut Pro, plus much more.

After a successful practical review test and certification, Producers will be able to reserve and check out the Sony NX5U camera.

About the Sony NX5U

The first in Sony's line of NXCAM solid-state camcorders, the HXR-NX5U is also the company's first professional-level AVCHD camcorder. And while it may look similar to its HDV predecessor, the HVR-Z5U, in fact this is a very different animal. Its ability to capture HD and SD video in AVCHD and MPEG-2 formats--and save it to solid state media--is only one of its distinctive traits. Full-raster 1920 x 1080 video is another, including the option of recording 720/60p video as well as 60i, 30p and 24p. And because the NX5U can capture to media cards plus an optional flash memory unit, you can simultaneously record a different signal to each, whether HD + a backup or HD + SD. The footage is then easily downloaded to a computer or backup drive using USB 2.0.

Prerequisites for the workshop:
You must be a current member and
1. Certified in Basic Field Production and must have a minimum of 5 Canon Vixia camera reservations.

Instructor: Ellen Reynolds
Class Dates: No dates currently scheduled 
Fee: $75

Acceptance in the class must be pre-approved by Laura Deutch
Contact Laura by email or call 267-639-5481