The PhillyCAM internship program is designated for undergraduates, graduates, and recent graduates.

With the exception of recent graduates, we do prefer for interns to get course credit for their time at PhillyCAM. Our internships are unpaid, but come with a small stipend to offset travel expenses. This stipend is given upon the completion of the internship.

Our internship program is ideal for individuals who have an interest in doing community work and are looking to build upon existing radio broadcasting, audio editing, basic video production, communications, and marketing skills. Candidates are asked to submit a completed internship application form with a resume and cover letter, which clearly indicates why the individual is interested in an internship at PhillyCAM. Applicants must also submit current work samples. You may email links to any work samples that can be viewed online. All application items must be submitted as a complete package. Highly qualified candidates will be invited to meet with PhillyCAM staff in person or via phone to discuss qualifications and job responsibilities.

Please forward all internship correspondence to Laura Deutch at or call (267) 639-5481. PhillyCAM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Upcoming Internship Dates and Applications

Summer 2017: June - August 2017 

Application Deadline Friday, April 21, 2017