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Producer's Circle

PhillyCAM, is hosting an unprecedented gathering of over 50 community media producers for a conversation recorded live in our main television studio. This Producer's Circle will have everyone talking. It is not only a chance to learn about how to be a community producer at PhillyCAM but to also see it in action as we break the fourth wall. From the crew to the studio audience, everyone will be part of the action.

This promises to be a lively forum where experienced and emerging producers will share stories about what it takes to get a community television production off the ground, overcome reoccurring challenges and build audiences. Many genres and hybrids will be represented including new takes on conventional talk shows, social justice news programs, youth media, local music showcases, collections of independent films, Philly sports and more.

The Producer’s Circle will be live streamed on starting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, August 30. And in September the Producer's Circle will have it’s on-air premiere on Sunday, September 30 at 7:00 pm on PhillyCAM channels Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30. The program will also be available for on demand viewing via the PhillyCAM webplayer as well.

This is a free event and limited seating for the live taping is available but RSVPs are required.


Here is a list of all who will be participating in the Producer’s Circle

Jihad Ali, St. Hill Reports
Tatiana Bacchus, show in production
Robert Bizik, Don't Go There Productions
Monica Caballero, show in production
Erik Coleman, Sports Enthusiasm
John Donges, Dumpsta Players
Alicia Dorsey, Red Hen: Exploring Our Conditions
Donald Farmer, crew on various shows
Brian Gibbs, Record Shop
Julian Rogers Lindsay, Focus on Fitness
Bruce Schimmel, crew on various shows
Sonny Vellozzi, Don't Go There Productions
Jennifer Walker, Dumpsta Players
Clifford Wright, Antisocial Show

Lynn Emmanuel, A Simple Conversation
Kysha Woods, Be With Kysha Woods

Jim Brossy, Artist Talk & Crosstalk
Bintu Kabba, The BuzzKlub
Salima Hakeem, Salima Speaks
Mike Pleasant, Pleasant Perspectives & Philly on the Rise

Studio Audience of ALL PhillyCAM Producers:
Mary Abidiwan Lupo, Miles of Music
Tiffany Bacon, The Hype
Ruby Beckett, L'il Filmmakers
Greg Boston, The BuzzKlub
Lowell Boston, Optical Toys
Rev. Jesse Brown, Focus on Fitness
Karen DeCecco, Heart of Philly
Michael Dennis, Reel Black TV
Jere Edmunds, 5 on the Go
Earl Ellis, From Da Ground Up
Tracy Ellison, Jump Out City
Caryn Hunt, Reproductive Justice Now
Quincy Johnson, Antisocial Show
Grady Jones, Unsolved Philadelphia
Napoleon Kingcade, Magazine Showcase
Michael Knight, Dialed "N" RC
Nanette Lankford, Real Praise
Tony Lankford, Actor's Lounge
Martin Lautz, MMPtv
Nehal Mankad, Amps & Mics
Bob Miles, Miles of Music
Malcolm Mills, WatchUrMouthTV
Ronald Newsome, Franchise Live
Carlos Oropeza, Heart of Philly & other short work
Maurice Richardson, High Maintenance TV
Connie Romano,Ebb & Flow & Connie's Catch
Janine Spruill, L'il Filmmakers
Tommie St. Hill, St.Hill Reports
Lesley-Ann (LA) Virgil, The Light Switch
Karen Waller-Martin,Celebrities in the Basement
Carvel Watson, The Jobman Caravan
Randy Watson, Sports Enthusiasm