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Annual Meeting and Board Election

2014 Annual Meeting


Calling all members, it's time to gather and reflect on the past year, cast your ballot in the board election, and cheer fellow members for their accomplishments.  

This year, for the first time all events wil take place at PhillyCAM. First on the agenda is the Business Meeting, followed by members casting their ballots in the Board Election. Another first this yerar is that members will be able to cast their ballot electronically - check your email for your ballot - but we hope you'll come in person because there will be a lot going on.

You can meet the board candidates in person before voting.  Celebrate this year's PhillyCAM Community Impact and Spirit Award winners.  Give thanks to all the volunteers and board members for the vital work they do. Witness an epic DJ Battle between PhillyCAM staff and members, Ricky Paul,  Antoine Haywood,  Jay Mohan and others.  Get your new spiffy PhillyCAM member card with photo!  And savor the cooking of our own PhillyCAM celebrity Chefs -- Chef Trek, Chef Ali, Chef Derwood and Chef Kes.  

Can't be here in peson? The watch the live stream starting at 5pm.