Happy Anniversary PhillyCAM! - Soap Box Lunch


It's our 5th Anniversary and we're ready to celebrate.

In honor of our 5th year Anniversary and Freedom of Speech week,

We will host a live broadcast from 12pm-1pm at the Peoples Plaza (on Independence Mall off Market between 5th and 6th). The first half hour will feature interviews with local policy advocates, educators and students. From 12:30pm to 1pm we invite the public to share their thoughts, stories, music, poetry and dance with us. Stop by to tell us how you interpret, experience and practice the First Amendment. What does it mean to you?

This will be a live broadcast, so seize the moment and join us, in front of the mic, or as part of our sidewalk studio audience! Please send an email to laura@phillycam.org to let us know you have something to share.

Can't join us at the Mall,  WATCH IT LIVE

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