THE “RAGE AGAINST THE RATCHET,” and what’s the correlation between ratchet music and and ratchet television i.e. Reality TV, is a panel which was formed around Carvin Haggins’  “Rage Against the Ratchet,” Campaign. As many may know this campaign pushes against the status quo that now exist in radio, and is designed to force the decision makers to make a decision in favor of adding positive music to the line up. As one of the founders (Charles Gregory) of the Philly TV Festival, began to think through what a panel discussion that truly affects as well as infects the community needed to look like, he couldn’t get passed the obvious subculture that has formed and is beginning to fully take root within the hearts of the people.

“Ratchedness!” The Ratchet sub-culture is not only infecting the hearts and minds of those who are exposed, it is affecting the very fibers of what it means to be community.  Carvin Haggins, has already begun the discussion, fight, and war, against ratchet music.  It seems only right that those of us involved in visual media not only join the fight with Carvin through support, we also need to keep it part of the National conversation through the most powerful forms of media on the planet, television and the internet.

Philly TV Festival, will host this most intriguing discussion, with argumentatively one of the most dynamic mixes of prolific thinkers, influential personalities, impassioned orators, and all around amazing talents, that the city of Philadelphia has ever produced.  The featured panelist for this discussion are none other than Grammy Award winner Carvin Haggins, Radio Host Tiffany Bacon, Poet Just Greg, and Radio Host Simply Monica.  This panel will not only be one of the most thought provoking discussions of 2014, there is no doubt that it will also inspire wheels into motion to make a difference in the lives of the community.

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