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Livestream - Allied Media Opening Ceremony

Allied Media Conference 2016


The AMC2016 Opening Ceremony will immerse us in a celebration of the powerful wave of creative movement-building happening across the country. It will feature a keynote from Assata’s Daughters, an intergenerational, grassroots collective in Chicago, which has used a range of brilliant media-based tactics to advance the movement for Black lives, while centering Black women’s empowerment and self-determination. Through the Opening Ceremony we will learn how media like puppetry, theatre, hip-hop, and video art is used in Flint and Detroit to explore our connection and access to natural resources like water in the face of privatization. We will explore Detroit’s music movement history through “techno poetics.”.  Attendees will be invited to participate in The Kinfolk Effect project, a devotional space informed by the fellowship rituals which became the “technology” used to sustain the Civil Rights Movement in the Black Belt region of the U.S. South. We will close with a live brass band and J-Sette performance to celebrate the historic connections between New Orleans and Detroit, and affirm diverse representations of black masculinity.