Moonstone Art Center: Mentor & Mentored


Moonstone Poetry @ PhillyCAM Studios

An intergenerational poetry series that presents both the mentor and the mentored: how does poetry travel from generation to generation, what are the themes, the sounds, what changes and what stays the same.  The event will be filmed with a live audience at PhillyCAM, the program will be edited and broadcast at a later date.

This month we look at literary friendship, when poets/writers influence each other.

Jeffrey Ethan Lee is author of invisible sister, identity papers (Colorado Book Award finalist), and towards euphoria  (co-winner of the editor’s poetry chapbook prize from Seven Kitchens Press (2012). Lee won the 2002 Sow's Ear Poetry Chapbook prize for The Sylf, created identity papers for Drimala Records, published Strangers in a Homeland, and hundreds of poems, stories and essays in North American Review, Xconnect, Crab Orchard Review, Crazyhorse, Many Mountains Moving, American Poetry Review, and Washington Square. He teaches at Temple University in the Intellectual Heritage Program.

Lori-Nan Engler is a poet, writer, playwright and actress. She has acted in feature films (Blow Out, Head Office, Silent Madness) soap operas, and regional theater, including many lead roles in recent years. She has published in Hopeful Monster, Northeast Corridor, and Many Mountains Moving.


PhillyCAM Studios
699 Ranstead St
Phila., PA 19106