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Moonstone Poetry Series: Las Gallas

Las Gallas

Moonstone Poetry Series Presents Mentor and Mentored

An intergenerational poetry series that presents both the mentor and the mentored: how does poetry travel from generation to generation, what are the themes, the sounds, what changes and what stays the same. Filmed with a live audience at the PhillyCAM Studio, the program will be edited and broadcast at a later date.

LAS GALLAS is a Philadelphia-based multi-disciplinary arts collective that incorporates all of our developed skills in theatre, visual arts, dance, film, poetry, spoken word & literature. We stretch the boundaries of arts collaborations by involving new ways of creating through workshops and mutual interactions. We gather to share stories, inspire dialogue and debate around ideas of family, traditions, religion, education and gender roles.

LAS GALLAS are a crew of skillful mañiaticas in search of a project, We roam fields and ethnic enclaves looking for kernels of truth and the occasional idea. Armed with brushes, pens, canvas, paper, film and feet they pave their way. Exploring the exotic destinations of the South Bronx, Philadelphia and the Lower East Side. Awing audiences with their "inter-disciplinarian" posturing. Spreading their poultry gospel: GALLAS can lay eggs, carry them and start the kikirikiki-ing on the roof top if need be.

LAS GALLAS operate in a very original fashion. "I self-identify as a writer and vocalist," says Martínez, "Michelle as a visual artist, and Julia as a performance artist and dramatist. But the whole idea of Las Gallas has been not just to 'work together' but also hold workshops for each other in our various arts. It's not 'Julia will perform, Magda will write, and Michelle will do the costumes.' We challenge each other to enter the various art forms." 

LAS GALLAS came to be in a crazy way. López and Martínez attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and met during a year abroad in Madrid. Both were New York-centered until they gravitated to Philadelphia. At a 2002 conference, they met Ortíz, who is Philly all the way. "I still live across the street from where I grew up," she says, "right next to the Italian Market." She got her bachelor's in art at Moore College of Art and Design and has a studio in Philly. Ghetto Bolero is an attempt to let the female voice into the male-dominated genre of the bolero, the slow, passionate dance music with rhythms, lyrics, and stories that have permeated Spanish-speaking culture throughout the world.

PhillyCAM Studios
699 Ranstead St. (7th St between Chestnut& Market Sts)
Philadelphia, PA 19106
ph. 267.639.5481

Validated parking after 3pm: $5 at Independence Garage (across the street from PhillyCAM)