TEDxPhiladelphia 2015: And Justice For All



This exploration of access and equity will showcase great ideas for building more just cities.

And Justice For All – the final four words of the Pledge of Allegiance – embodies the powerful theme of TEDxPhiladelphia 2015. The daylong multidisciplinary conference will bring together engaging speakers, performers, and participants to explore issues of access and equity, spark conversations that matter, and showcase great ideas for building more just cities. Speaker talk topics run the gamut, from exposing the threat of modern surveillance systems, to new ideas for community policing, social-impact real estate, advancements in the fight to protect the legal rights and interests of children at risk, and the accessibility and affordability of rehabilitation robots. Speakers include: Brigitte Daniel, Gregory Heller, Stacy Holland, Jesse Krimes, Marsha Levick, David Norse, Ronnie Polaneczky, Michelle Johnson, Yasmine Mustafa, Charles H. Ramsey, Jeffrey Rosen, Fabricio Rodriguez, Rosa Sheng, and Antonio (Tony) Valdés. Talk topics and full bios are available at TEDxPhiladelphia.org.