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Tell Your PhillyCAM Story

Everyone has a PhillyCAM story and now is the time for City Council and the Mayor's Administration to hear it!   

At this important workshop you'll learn how you can share your story and make the greatest impact when you testify at public forums and City Council hearings about the City of Philadelphia's upcoming cable franchise negotiations with Comcast Corporation.    


  *    Board member Jos Duncan, who will lead a storytelling exercise to help members craft their story to tell our elected officials why PhillyCAM is important and how it makes the Philadelphia a better place to live.   

   *    PhillyCAM staff and board who will walk through an overview of the cable franchise renewal process.  

What we'll be doing: 

    *    Learn why a successful renegotiation is key to PhillyCAM's future growth and how you can be part of this important process 

    *    Make cool signs supporting PhillyCAM 

    *    Record video postcards directed to our elected officials in preparation for upcoming public forums.


Beginning the week of April 27, the City will conduct 6 public forums to gather as much feedback as it can from citizen's about their needs, interests and perspectives related to Comcast cable service in the city. 

We need members to attend these hearings and testify with your PhillyCAM story!

We will publicize the forum dates on the PhillyCAM Calendar once the City releases the schedule.

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