Alicia Bullock

Self-Nominated Individual Member
Alicia is a native Philadelphian who earned her BA from Temple University, and MEd from Arcadia University. She has been an avid community activist since childhood; she started working in Hakim's book store which afforded her the opportunity to read about many topics at the age of 10, and was folding flyers and sealing envelopes for the Labor Unions and making "get out to vote", phone calls by the age of 14.
With over 20 years of professional experience in all facets of broadcasting and audio engineering at Temple University Public Radio, Alicia has been able to assist with the launch of WPPM-LP and to teach the Basic Radio Production course that has resulted in applicants currently airing radio shows on the station. She is also the Producer of Sylver Alert, a weekly two-hour show, in its 13th week, and growing in listenership as a result of effective multimedia marketing strategies.
Her goal as a Board Member is to assist in executing a strategy to make PhillyCAM more of an effective presence in the Philadelphia community and its surrounding counties. There is associated power and impact in - The Voice and the Peoples's voices in a multimedia context. She is grateful for the opportunity to possibly
 expand her role in this regard at PhillyCAM.

Candidate statement on how they would contribute to the board’s diversity?

“I am 53, Gay, Black, A Woman, with a PhD in Educational Psychology. Less than 1% of people of color earn PhDs. The numbers are so small that they are barely calculable. As a result, my professional experience and life are grounded in perceptions that are unique and complex because of the notions of academia, race, gender, human sexuality and the stereotypes that persist in our society. I also grew up in a single parent family which makes my emergence into adulthood far from typical.”