Charles B. Clarke

Nominated by Non-Profit Organization

Charles B. Clarke nominated by PhilaPOSH: Charles has served as the Secretary of the Board of the Board of Directors for Rutgers Camden Women's Center. During his 3-year tenure, his organization has established a food pantry and gained use of two buildings that were used for emergency housing for battered women and their children. He was involved with Media Mobilizing Project first as a member of the Community Advisory Board and later as a member of the Leadership Council. These experiences have given him a strong understanding of the purpose, function and responsibility of a Board of Directors in a not for profit setting.

Candidate statement on how they would contribute to the board’s diversity.

Age diversity: So far I have lived a life of 71 years.

Cultural diversity: I have experienced rural, semi-rural and urban culture.

Racial diversity: I am an Afro-American male.”