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Lauren Settles *

Certified Producer

Presently, Lauren serve as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for PhillyCAM. She holds a Masters in Business Administration with knowledge of organization development, Human Resources, Marketing, and Strategic Planning and Implementation. Her experience as a present board member has given her the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working alongside other board members, working with financial information/data, and making critical decisions to ensure the organization carries out its mission. She is also a member and Certified Producer at PhillyCAM which allows her to understand what it is like to be a Board Member, PhillyCAM member, and Certified Producer and how to incorporate those experiences into the growth of the organization. She is 1000% dedicated to the organization and have its best interest at heart. She gives her time and commitment which makes her a strong board candidate.

Candidate statement on how they would contribute to the board’s diversity?
“I would contribute to PhillyCAM's goal of diversity not only by being a minority woman, but by bring my experiences as such to the board. I would ensure that the board's ideas and decisions benefit the diverse community of PhillyCAM members and the diverse community of Philadelphia as a whole.”