Marangeli Mejia-Rabell *

Nominated by Non-Profit Organization

Marangeli Mejia-Rabell nominated by The Village of Arts and Humanities: Marangeli is a Puerto Rico-born, Philadelphia-based creative and community development strategist whose work focuses on strategic alignment, cross sector partnership development and collective impact. Her professional philosophy is centered on her commitment to the community’s educational, professional and personal growth, cross sector collaborations and utilizing arts & culture as a tool for social change. She serves as the Director of Community Economic Development at the Village of Arts and Humanities, and her work explores the intersection of arts and culture and economic development through efforts and collaborations in areas of commercial corridor revitalization, workforce development, entrepreneurship and the creative economy. She is also a co-founder of AfroTaino Productions and the Festival Director for PHLAFF.

Candidate statement on how they would contribute to the board’s diversity.

My contributions will focus on board development, program design, organizing and cross sector collaboration. I feel that my combined experience provides the PhillyCAM with a focus at comprehensive strategies and how they impact different segments of the PhillyCAM community.”