Susan Hauck

Nominated by Non-Profit Organization

Susan Hauck nominated by Community College of Philadelphia: After graduating from Temple, Susan worked in television, at a cable news station and later at A&E. Realizing the potential of technology, she got her Masters at Drexel in Information Systems. She has had a progression of jobs in higher education, culminating in 2011 with her current position of Dean of Flexible Learning Options and Academic Technology at CCP. Her responsibilities include providing strategic leadership for the College’s PEG Channel, CCPTV. The station provides a channel of expression and resource for our students, faculty and staff. She hopes to continue the collaboration and further the opportunities between PhillyCAM and CCPTV.

Candidate statement on how they would contribute to the board’s diversity?

I’m a woman in technology, which is still unusual, unfortunately. I live in the Northwest part of the city. As a leader in a predominantly black institution, I have a demonstrated ability to respect and communicate with a diverse community. In my role at CCP, I appreciate the critical role that PEG channels play in providing a platform for different – and sometimes unpopular- points of view. I am also sensitive to the needs of differently abled people, and how technology can be both a powerful tool and a source of frustration at the same time.”