Radio Training and Resources

DIY Radio Class
PhillyCAM offers a 6-week class that provides members with  a broad overview of approaches and techniques for producing radio programming for podcast or broadcast. Students will learn how to get started with field production and live studio recording equipment, as well as basic audio editing tools.

The cost is $75 and members must have attended an orientation in order to register for the class. For more information about class schedule and registration go to the class page DIY Radio.

Media Tool Monday Radio Meetups
FREE on-going sessions to get technical assistance and feedback on your projects in the editing stage. Special editing topics and one-on-one assistance to support members in completing their projects.

Programmer Trainings for On-air Staff
When the PhillyCAM radio studio is built in early summer 2016, we will offer trainings for all on-air staff to learn how to use the studio equipment to broadcast live on FM radio.

Educational materials/links for radio production:

National Radio Project - Resources and Tools for Radio Producers

Association for Independents in Radio - Resources and Articles

National Federation of Community Broadcasters- Resources for Community Radio