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WPPM is a member supported participatory community station rehumanizing radio with local voices and original programming. We support content that celebrates, respects, and reflects the rich cultural makeup of the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and provides a platform for diverse community perspectives. PhillyCAM Radio provides a medium for underserved communities and music not heard on mainstream media.  We value content that is educational, respectful, inclusive, and innovative.

In January of 2015 PhillyCAM received a construction permit from the FCC to build a Low Power FM Radio station on 106.5 FM in Philadelphia.  The signal contour of the 90 Watt signal at 106.5 MHz covers more than half a million people in our area, plus the audio will be streamed online and archived. PhillyCAM began transmitting in July of 2016 and a schedule of live local programming will begin in November of 2016.

PhillyCAM has been working to train radio producers, build a radio membership, raise money, and create radio programming for our station. But we need more people to get involved to continue to grow the station. 

How can I get involved in WPPM?

We are looking for radio producers, hosts, DJs, community journalists, documentarians, techies, builders, board operators,  editors, cable makers, music librarians and more!

Become a member
First, sign up to be a member.  After you become a PhillyCAM member, people in interested in radio should attend the Radio Orientation to learn how to plug into the radio station activities.  

Complete our Radio Volunteers Intake Form
Complete the radio volunteer form to sign up for updates about the radio station and let the staff know what your interests are.

Sign up for a class
PhillyCAM members who would like to learn radio skills can sign up to take a radio production class

Submit Content
If you already have radio production skills and you are a PhillyCAM member, you are eligible to submit content to our internet radio station. Members will have an opportunity to apply for an on-air time slot.  To learn more about getting on the air, email for program submission requirements.

Join a Committee
PhillyCAM Community Radio has 4 member driven committees (Tech, Outreach/Events, Fundraising, and Production) that each meet monthly to discuss radio station business. To learn more about the committees and when they meet, please visit our Radio Committee page.