WPPM Radio Show Application

wppm radion show application image
In order to get a show on WPPM, you must follow these steps:
1.Sign up to become a PhillyCAM member or be a current member in good standing
2. Attend a radio orientation workshop
3. Complete a WPPM program application, available online on through your PCAM membership account
4. Get your application approved by the programming committee
5. Complete a 6 week Radio Studio Class 
6. Observe a live show for 3 hours
7. Pass competency tests in the studio and get certified
Once you complete those steps you can get assigned a time slot in the studio to do your show.  
The programming committee meets quarterly and the next deadline for show applications is on June 30, 2017. The programming committee will not review applications before that date.  In order to submit an application, you must attend radio orientation.  

In order to access the online application:

1.Go to phillycam.org and log in to your user account
2.Look on the right of your profile page and find the WPPM program application
3.If you don't see your profile page, click on your name at the top of the page and that should take you there. 
4.Complete the form online.

Thanks for your interest in WPPM.  If you have further questions please contact us at 267.639.5481.

PhillyCAM holds a noncommercial educational license for WPPM. As a result,  we cannot air commercials or advertisements.  If you are wondering what types of shows we air on our station, below are our guiding principles for content. But in general, we air music, talk, arts/cultural. youth, sports, and variety show programming produced by PhillyCAM members. 

"PhillyCAM Radio is a member supported participatory community station re-humanizing radio with local voices and original programming. We support content that celebrates, respects, and reflects the rich cultural makeup of the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and provides a platform for diverse community perspectives. PhillyCAM Radio provides a medium for underserved communities and music not heard on mainstream media. We value content that is educational, respectful, inclusive, and innovative."

If you have any questions please feel free to check out our FAQs document which is attached here and/or reach out to our Radio Station Manager, Vanessa Maria Graber.  Her email is vanessa@phillycam.org