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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
12:00 am: Dumpsta Players Present - Honey Poo Poo's
Chic-Fill-A Fashion Show Join TV trash sensation Honey Poo Poo as she competes in a fashion show with Kim Katrashian & Miss Philippines!
12:31 am: Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret - Full Access
Hairy-chested, fake eyelash-laden alter-ego of thespian Dito Van Reigersberg performs a balls-to-the-wall drag cabaret. Backed by her stellar band, Martha teams up w/FringeArts & Art-Reach to present a radically accessible concert
2:02 am: Ursula Rucker: Poet - by Mike Dennis
2:33 am: Dirty Laundry - by Deeva Gordon
The industry. The ultimate game of chess. Names in lights careers at all time heights. Broken dreams, unheard screams and mixed matched teams. What do you do when you are paid to live a lie? The office of secrets.
3:58 am: Never Play - By Stacey Furbeyre
Jamie has a party at her place the night before a Ouija board is messed with and now strange things begin to happen.
4:09 am: Remixing Colorblind - By Sheena Howard
Documentary examining how higher education shapes our perceptions of race
4:39 am: A Little Bit of So Much Truth - Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad
When the people of Oaxaca decided they'd had enough of bad government, they didn't take their story to the media, they TOOK the media.
6:12 am: Sifuna Okwethu (We Want What's Ours) -
Land dispute between two black families in post apartheid South Africa. Produced by Bernadette Atuahene with UPenn Program on Documentaries & the Law
6:31 am: Grace & Truth Ministries - 219
7:31 am: Power Up - with Marci Bryant 10
Interview with local DJ Smooth who lost computer tech job due todownsizing. He went after something he loved & is now making a living at it. He faced hard challenges but he made it through & has now made DJing his lifes' work.
9:00 am: BHeard Townhall - Climate Change
The Cost of an Urban Crisis: Climate Change BRIC TV hosts politicians, activists, journalists & community members to unpack difficult issues. No topic is off-limits and no viewpoint is ignored.
10:30 am: The Real Praise - Living By Integrity
with Nanette Lankford
11:00 am: Money Matters - 167
Dave Emery and Dave De Witt, CFP Management talk about investments and MLPs and then interview Dale Power of Big Shoes a branding and P. R. Firm about product branding.
11:30 am: Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Archaeology Video News 47
From the Archaeological Legacy Institute
12:00 pm: People Power Lunch Hour - 37: Sept. 20, 2017
Community forum with local leaders & activists
1:00 pm: Show & Tell - 05: Back to School
Join host Caroline Elliott for an episode with back-to-school segments: transitioning kids back to school, fun lunch choices, and getting back to fitness with Zumba. Pet mascot is Paws 4 Healing.
1:30 pm: Heart of Philly - 42: Phila Flower Show
Holland is the theme of this Year's Philadelphia Flower Show. We had the pleasure of getting behind the scenes interviews with exhibitors, hours before the show opened to the public. You will find great ideas for your garden!
2:00 pm: Mainline Arts TV - 22
Presents "The Leading Question" by Steve Wigrizer and guest Harvey Price, founder of Peace Drums Project where Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth participate in a steel drum band.
2:30 pm: Love & Men - by Jos Duncan
Hosted by Gregory Corbin, this "The View" style studio television broadcast features some of Philadelphia's most impactful men talking hot topics in love, dating, male vulnerability, marriage, and society.
3:31 pm: All Together Now - WWII in Phila
A documentary by Penn Alexander 7th Grade Geography Club about the role of Philadelphia in World War II, Discussion includes the roles of African Americans and Jewish Americans
4:01 pm: Hard Cover 591: ASM News 2016 -
This episode consists of films produced by Chicago's After School Matters program all based on various news/journalism topics in a teens daily life.
4:30 pm: Democracy Now! - DN! Wednesday, September 20, 2017
5:30 pm: Kickin' it wit' Bobbi. - 01
Host Bobbi A Bordley is Kickin' it wit' 12 year old West Philadelphia rapper The Phresh Princess down at Dave & Busters and at The Phresh Princess 1st annual Pump for Yoni event
6:00 pm: Genealogy Quick Start - 06: Ethnic Genealogy
Jump start your genealogy by hopping on the ethnic merry go round. We will quick start German, Irish, African, and Italian genealogy, covering online records inside and outside the United States.
6:30 pm: Salt...Pepper -n- Memories - 07: Kim Payton
With guest Ms. Kim Payton ( daughter of Brenda from Brenda & the Tabulations) A very big Philly group from the 60's & 70's.
7:00 pm: Tea Time with Seleste - 17: Vivez Magazine
Watch out! Seleste' sits down with photographer Ez De La Rosa and stylist Mickey Freeman to discuss the shoot for Vivez magazine.
7:30 pm: The Trudy Haynes Show - 37: Mental Health
A variety show with emphasis on medical issues geared toward our baby boomers. This month we discuss Mental Health and the Black Community.
8:00 pm: Around the Corner - 23
Social impact discussion Hosted by Generocity w/Guests from Geek Awards, GALAEI, Storiez and the Center for High Impact Philanthropy
8:30 pm: Democracy Now! - DN! Wednesday, September 20, 2017
9:30 pm: Whats Your Point Of View - 60
Interview with author and owner of Goldmind Consultants Stacey Lloyd.
10:00 pm: Bongo Boy TV - 45
Special interview with Grammy Nominated Linda Chorney hosted by Wayne Olivieri. Special guest Keith Murphy
10:30 pm: Single on Saturday Nite - 75
Falling Out of Love with Special Guest Mr. PDQ, owner of PDQ Management, LLC, founder of The Amari Academy, & Inspirational Speaker discusses new book release Fear of Becoming a Man.
11:00 pm: WHO?MAG TV - 77
featuring Kid Capri, Kevin Lyttle, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Domino, Scot La Rock, JR., Ty Bless, and John Nunez
11:30 pm: What's Hidden - 15: BlackStar Film Fest
Host Snookie Blaze checks out The 6th Annual BlackStar Film Festival and reveals some Hidden Jewels.