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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
11:30 pm: Philly FAME - 29
This Special Edition Episode Features Highlights from Malc Dat's Event for Media, Djs and Artists; Also An Exlcusive Phone Interview with Vito Live From Prison and more
12:00 am: Tee Mac TV - 08
Talk Show with Comedian, Tee Mac & guests: Top Flight, Greg Lynn
12:31 am: MIC Test - 12
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINCHILA!!! Chinchila & Matic Takes The Stage.....From Key West to 'MIC TEST'
1:31 am: Flicks & Tones - By Jim Miller
"Flicks & Tones" is an extended-length music video for Philadelphia Jazz, history, geography, political, cosmology and classic film fans.
2:17 am: Germantown Boys - by Bianca Swift
3 brothers share their memories of growing up in Germantown as a reminder of the post-war economic shifts that followed Phila’s industrial boom and the loss that comes with the passing of time.
2:41 am: Shirley Road Productions - Three Documentaries
Project H.O.M.E, After Sunday & An Angel in the Village
4:28 am: Chronicle of the Billboard Wars -
This documentary visits 20 cities in 12 states tracking a citizens' movement against the intrusion of a flashing billboard.
5:38 am: Echoes of Forgotten Places -
On the fringes of every city lie the relics of our industrial past.
6:22 am: You've Got Junk Mail -
narrative film about a young immigrant Indian woman's experiences in the United States.
6:46 am: Two Jobs -
Two sister - two jobs
6:48 am: Iggy & Antjuan -
examines the relationship of a mentally challenged couple
7:20 am: I Choose to Stay Here - Philadelphia Folklore Project
a group of people opposing the City of Phila "takings" of private homes: the little known downside of the "redevelopment" initiative.
7:40 am: Your House Is Their House (with Epilogue) -
Considers civil forfeiture in Philadelphia and the class action lawsuit that has been filed in an attempt to remedy its abuses.
9:00 am: LGBTQ Town Hall: Civil Rights - Pride 20/20 presented by BRIC
Journalists, activists, artists & elected officials look at issues like LGBTQ civil rights, job & housing discrimination, racial disparities, and health. It’s time for the community to stand up and BHeard.
11:00 am: Ernestly Speaking - 09: How To Be An Ally
Acclaimed multimedia journalist Ernest Owens brings his signature bold perspective on today's major issues through a pop cultural lens.
11:30 am: Race on Main Street - 39: Race Brothers
The Race Brothers talk about the presidential election debate explore their own philosophies about how debate should be executed.
1:33 pm: ICA: The Freedom Principle - Experiments in Art & Music
Artist conversation provides context for exhibition curated by Naomi Beckwith inspired by Assoc. for Advancement of Creative Musicians & links vibrant legacy of 1960’s avant-garde jazz & continuing influence on contemporary culture
3:30 pm: Neighbors - 33
Chess with the Advances of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
4:00 pm: Anthology - 04
Showcase of videos by community members about issues and concerns that are most important to them. Produced at the Public Media Commons at WHYY
5:27 pm: Keep Ya Head Up - Global Action Project 1
Stories of two youth addressing impact of policing & surveillance on young immigrant & black communities in NYC raises awareness about how to fight back against Islamophobia and racism in schools, on the streets & in City policy.
5:45 pm: Over Stigmatized - Global Action Project 2
Created by & for trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary & allies this thriller tackles the epidemic of transphobic violence & the silence around the murders of trans women.
6:07 pm: Right to Act - Global Action Project 3
Raising awareness about the epidemic of NYPD's unlawful & deceptive searches of young people of color & supporting the Right to Know Act to create transparency & accountability in everyday interactions between the NYPD & the public.
6:17 pm: The Real T: This is My Truth - Global Action Project 4
Based on experiences of LGBTQ youth of color, Know Your Rights on street encounters, sexual harassment & profiling by police, inappropriate searches on transgender & gender non-conforming youth plus new 'Trans patrol guide' policies.
6:30 pm: Moonstone Arts Presents - Philly Loves Poetry 08
Hosted by Charles S. Carr. Featuring Michelle Myers of Community College’s Drop the Mic Spoken Word Poetry Competition with latest season’s top three finalists Rell “Black Cancer” C., YISAAL & Logical (Charles Jones)
7:30 pm: The Job Man Caravan - 59
This week the Jobman Caravan visits The Top Shelf Café for part 2 of a lively Saturday afternoon Jazz matinee with The Budesa Brothers Band featuring Michal Beckam on vocals
9:30 pm: Conversations Across Time - 88 : It Could Get Worse Part 1
Haile Selassie, Irv Madnick, Mark Hoffman and Vivienne Crawford discuss a historical perspective of political intransigence. Part One
10:00 pm: Labor Beat - May Day Rally
Issues raised were minority/immigrant right, global warming, union rights, public sector education.
10:30 pm: Total Life Transformation - 07: Kristen Britt
hosted by Dr. LaVerne Adams for mature women featuring experts sharing tools you can use. Spiritual Transformation" with guest Kristen Britt
11:00 pm: Live from Dennis' House - 60
Comedy & Music Show. Host Dennis Morgillo mixes his encyclopedic knowledge of humor with incredible comedic timing plus a weird & hysterical look at the world. Round it all out with a team of great characters. This is the funniest show on TV !
11:30 pm: Paper Tiger TV - Teaching TV
The Pedagogy of Telecommunications: Teaching TV with Media Professors from Around the Nation (from 1988)