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Friday, April 28, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
12:00 am: Mitch Bonz 36 -
An Uncensored, Independent, Outlet that ft. Music, Videos, Movies, Books, Fashion & Entrepreneurs.
1:00 am: E.S.P. TV - 99
You Don't Say Much, Do You? Pt 2 Swiss Inst/Contemporary Art ALEXANDER WATERMAN: Clouds & Crowds LARY 7 Otha by SARA LUDY Live video mix & manipulation by Scott Kiernan & Victoria Keddie
1:28 am: Philly Music Magazine - Dilemma
An Interview with local Music Artist/Producer, Dilemma. Produced by Gralin Hughes
1:33 am: Harry Partch - Music Studio
Composer, theorist, writer, dramaturg, visual artist, philosopher, flunky, musicologist, sound sculptor, furniture maker, dishwasher, copy editor, hobo...
3:30 am: Euphonia - (Listen)
Stale sounds of the suburbs send a teenager out with a sound recorder in search of better ones. He begins to build his own soundscape and drifts away from his surroundings.
4:24 am: Plenty of Good Women Dancers - Phila Folklore Project
5:16 am: No Logo - Media Education Foundation
author Naomi Klein's account of the rise of international branding and anti-corporate movements
6:16 am: Bailout - 01
A young Iranian-American woman who struggles to hide her own financial entrapment in the most American of traditions–credit card debt–with her family members who each harbor their own untold secrets.
6:26 am: Bailout - 02
A young Iranian-American woman who struggles to hide her own financial entrapment in the most American of traditions–credit card debt–with her family members who each harbor their own untold secrets.
6:34 am: Jackpot -
The Legal and Social Implications of Gambling in the Black Community: Examines origins and consequences of problem gambling and the impact of casinos on community.
7:01 am: Time of Deliverance - 08
Spiritual wisdom is the cure for life’s challenges With Pastor Glen Spaulding
7:31 am: Philly 311 TV - 09
City officials of different departments are interviewed on what they do in the City of Phila, your questions are answered in our frequently asked questions videos & we teach you all about Philly311
9:00 am: To Be A Human Being - 03: Culture
03 of Series produced by filmmakers in 8 countries exploring what it means to be human through 6 themes: Sustenance, Love, Culture, Faith, Fear, Hope
10:03 am: Focus on Fitness - 31
Host: Rev. Jesse Brown Guest: Dr. Brett Cardonick, Mary Flinn, Susan Brown
10:31 am: Prophets Table - 06
Virtuous Woman Ministries "Prophets Table" with a panel of Ministers to discuss community issues & world events from a biblical perspective with Host Prophetess Ava McKee
11:01 am: Flicks & Tones - By Jim Miller
"Flicks & Tones" is an extended-length music video for Philadelphia Jazz, history, geography, political, cosmology and classic film fans.
11:47 am: Rent to Own - Community Legal Services
Produced by Community Legal Services, this short video alerts potential homeowners about the risk of rent to own scams
1:00 pm: Courage for Racial Justice - In the Trump Era
Chris Crass author of Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter exploring how we can all rise for racial justice & work for collective liberation in these times
2:30 pm: Phila Jazz Proj Presents: - Bill Barron & Ted Curson
Bill Barron & Ted Curson perform at American Philosophical Soc., They are great examples of the creative Philly artists in the thick of things during 1950s New Thing in Jazz, working w/ Cecil Taylor, Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy & Archie Shepp
3:30 pm: Television Courtroom - 11: April 2017
An engaging legal talk show breaking down current legal issues. Hosted by Michael Coard
5:30 pm: Youth Powered Media - Vol. 3
A collection of youth produced media from students all over the city of Philadelphia.Stories range in topics from comedy to drama.All videos created for youth by youth.
6:00 pm: Phila Jazz Project Presents: - HOT HOUSE at PAFA 02
Hothouse at PAFA Musical lab improv featuring Chris Coyle & Outside Sound Ensemble: Paul Giess, Elijah Thomas, Dave Sanders, Doug Hirlinger inspired by artwork done by adults with disabilities.
7:00 pm: LIVE Culture - 10: April 2017 Al-Bustan
PhillyCAM's LIVE arts showcase features a rotating line up of presenting organizations & dynamic performance featuring: Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
8:00 pm: Higher Than 7 - 12
Choose your "Oldhead" wisely! Philly's own Writer/Director Tony Chennault, presents Oldhead Season 1, Ep.1. Starring Kyseem Roberts, Allen Hammond, Drew Thompson, and many more talented local actors.
9:30 pm: LES Biography Project - Betty Dodson
Lower East Side Biography Project: A community media biography series and oral history archive - stemming the tide of cultural amnesia by Penny Arcade & Steve Zehentner
10:00 pm: Scrapple TV - S2E5
A virtual pirate TV commune featuring every badass art bastard and stared-at-in-the-street crazy Philly street culture freak around. It's loaded with mind-bending shorts and life-threateningly funny videos.
10:30 pm: The Mix Up - 06
An entertainment show that spotlights special events and music artists. This episode features coverage of the Secrets Red Carpet Movie Premiere. Featuring interviews with Jamal Hill, Charlie Mack,Tobias Truvillian & more
11:00 pm: Philly Streets Talk - 44
Episode 6 of the "Chop Shop" Chopping Up New Topics; Guns, Thieves and Cheaters. This is a high energy opinionated episode featuring; Trazsh Man and Crown Fried, Loaf Muzik, & Shadow The Great
11:31 pm: Termite TV West - Videography: Performance in Olympia
Segments include local artists/venues in experimental and documentary forms. We seek to give our audience an insider look at these artists' lives and inspirations to encourage community involvement.
11:53 pm: Termite TV West - Videography: Extraterrestrial
ET as a symbol of the ways that we interact with and inhabit space, both physical and metaphorical. Examines themes of alienation and self-alienation, identity, and fascination with the unknown.