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Monday, June 26, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
12:01 am: Midnite Mausoleum - Satanic Rites of Dracula
1:46 am: Living Room Cinema - Films from Home Movie Day
1928 Kodacolor Party
3:48 am: 10 Short Documentaries - About My Childhood Home
by Dorothea Braemer
3:58 am: Dismantled Bride - By Alissa Stoessel
Inspired by the song "After the Ball" (by Charles K Harris in 1891), a parody version known as "Dismantled Bride" was sung to the filmmaker by her Mom (passed down through the generations). The soundtrack is a 1929 version of the original song by Gerald Adams and the Variety Singers.
4:01 am: Li: The Patterns of Nature -
Explores the meaning of "Li", a Chinese word that refers to underlying intelligence and order of nature as reflected in its organic forms and patterns.
4:10 am: All for the Taking -
Documentary about eminent domain by George McCollough
5:15 am: PCAM station ID - Take a Deep Breath
5:16 am: Firme Y Feliz: Peruvian Women - in Social Justice Movements
Peruvian women share their stories of resistance & social justice
6:01 am: Kids United Against Deportation -
Honest portrayals of deportation and its impacts through the voices of these young Philadelphia leaders. Produced in collaboration with AFRICOM & and New Sanctuary Movement
6:22 am: Hot Tea - by Laura Deutch
Conversations with North Chinatown residents about Belonging, served over hot tea
6:31 am: Preparing to Protest: Direct Action, - Art of Protest & Media Impact 7
Capturing Activist Video: Guidelines in the US and Abroad with Kelly Matheson, Esquire, Attorney and Senior Project Manager at WITNESS
6:43 am: Preparing to Protest: Direct Action, - Art of Protest & Media Impact 9
Filming Blair Mountain: Ethics of Activist Documentary Filmmaking with Zein Nakhoda, Filmmaker & Activist
7:00 am: Road to Recovery - Back to the Dorm
Presented by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the goal of the show is to help those in our community with substance abuse or mental health disorders.
9:00 am: La Vie dans la Cite - 32
This is to share the story of Haitians in Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia, and allow others to discover the Haitian culture and related aspects of our lives.
10:00 am: Boxed Out - Upenn Docs & the Law
Criminal Records & The "Ban the Box" Movement in Philadelphia
10:30 am: Perils For Pedestrians - 225
Vienna, Austria. Walk21 conference. Vienna Pedestrian Strategy.
11:00 am: Opening Access - How Does TV work?
Bold new vision for community media from Denver Open Media
11:30 am: Our View - 04
Talk Show for 50 plus audiences. Todd Stofka will be speaking about hypnosis and weight loss and why he voted for trump. Hosts: Salima Hakeem Mohammad, George Stevenson, Toni Willis Thompson, Todd Stofka
12:30 pm: El Sawyer - PhillyCAM Member Meeting 2017
1:00 pm: BHeard Townhall - Cops & Community
The killings of unarmed black civilians by police have sparked a nationwide conversation around race and police violence. What innovations are underway that can help us think differently about the role of law enforcement in our society?
2:36 pm: Koch Brothers Exposed - by Brave New Films
The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99 percent on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights. By Brave New Films
3:32 pm: Gruesome Twosomes - 03
Features two tales of terror beginning with a gruesome story using footage from an old public domain movie and then another gruesome event happens involving the story-teller and/or the listener.
4:01 pm: Spyhop: Watch This! - 28
Watch This! is Spyhop Media Arts’ civic-minded, grass roots, youth produced TV show.
4:24 pm: Wayne Art Center: Young Art - by Jill Frechie
Presenting this colorful and dynamic exhibition of artwork from the "young at art" and teens. Artworks may be in all media, including drawing & painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry or photography
4:30 pm: Democracy Now! - DN Mon June 26 2017
5:30 pm: Girls Talk TV - 81
Sorority Life
6:00 pm: In Search of Knowledge - 46: Constitution Part 1
To generate interest in the Constitution to understand our rights and why we have to work to protect them. Includes visits to the National Constitution Center & Constitution High School
6:30 pm: PhillyCAM Voices - 13: June 2017
Community news produced by PhillyCAM producers
7:00 pm: Scribe's Precious Places - Community History Proj. 117
1. Villa African Cólobo by Grupo Motivos 2. The Aqua Lounge by African Cultural Art Forum 3. I Come From A Place by Asian Arts Initiative
7:30 pm: Ernestly Speaking - 19: Feminism Defined
Acclaimed multimedia journalist Ernest Owens brings his signature bold perspective on today's major issues through a pop cultural lens.
8:00 pm: MMPtv The Spark - 03 HD Immigration
Immigrant Rights are Human Rights: From the right to drive, to the right to family unity, Immigrant communities refuse to be pushed into the shadows.
8:30 pm: Democracy Now! - DN Mon June 26 2017
9:30 pm: We Talk Weekly - 43
Guests Those Baxters discuss working with your partner and family dynamics. A List interview with Will Smith. Summer Willow makes the cocktail called "Jamie's Island". Music by Jermaine Dolly.
10:00 pm: Brodian's Basement - 32
vids;Soul Eye(w/Alanis Morissette)David Lunning,Ayron Jones,Chino XL+Rama Duke,Paul Hill +George Clinton,Samie Bower,Chance The Rapper,Oliver James,Major,Christopher Bros Film;Hatchback,3AM,Red Strangler
11:00 pm: Enter the Zone - 55
The Takeover Season features emcee/lyricist, Poze Pozelini.
11:30 pm: Philly FAME - 28
Special Edition Episode featuring "Rep Ya Brand" Cypher/Showcase Powered by Lifa Ent., Q The Question and more