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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
11:30 pm: The Bully - By Marcus Siler
A lighthearted girl’s life is drastically turned upside down by an environmental illness and her only outlet may be to infect another.
1:10 am: Dinosaurs & Rocketships - Story of Steve Heller
Steve Heller, an eccentric artist in upstate New York, builds a life size Tyrannosaurus Rex out of tire chains and bulldozer sprockets. By Liz Fulton and Bruce Stanbery
1:33 am: The Internet's Own Boy - The Story of Aaron Swartz
Depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Produced by by Brian Knappenberger
3:18 am: Mill Creek Farm - West Philly Grown
A glimpse of the growing season
3:35 am: Happy Collaborator -
a poignant documentary by Mike Hazard that portrays George Stoney as a filmmaker, teacher of film, and media activist. George is widely known as "the father of public access."
4:32 am: Everyones Channel -
1990’s early history of U.S. community television and public access TV includes interviews with access pioneers (including George Stoney) & explores the technological developments that helped make cable access a reality.
5:33 am: History of Phila. TV -
Phila History Museum hosts an evening of "remember when.." exploring Phila's robust TV legacy with panel discussion featuring author of Images of America: Phila Television, Bill Shull & local legends Mike Strug, Trudy Haynes & Gene London
6:30 am: Prophetic Word - 227
7:00 am: Opening Access - How Does TV work?
Bold new vision for community media from Denver Open Media
7:30 am: One to One - 14
One to one discipleship making. By Pastor Mike Couch
9:00 am: Mashed Media 2016 - Documentary
Documentary selections and clips from POPPYN, the Social Justice honoree from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.
9:55 am: Mashed Media 2016 - Narrative
Narrative selections from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.
10:56 am: Mashed Media 2016 - Narrative
Narrative selections from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.
12:00 pm: Scribe's Precious Places - Community History Proj. 110
1.Destined for Diversity? by First Presbyterian Church 2. Living America's Dream by Wynnefield Residents Assoc 3.Awbury by the Awbury Arboretum Assoc
12:00 pm: Scribe's Precious Places - Community History Proj. 113
1. Taking of Bodine: Never Forget by Community Leadership Inst. 2. St. Augustine Church, Immigration & Filipino Transformation by Filipino American Nat'l Historical Soc. 3. Buried Stones, Buried Dreams by Mt. Moriah Preservation Soc.
1:00 pm: GRIP TV - 20
Promotes, encourages and celebrates recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and empowers Christian addiction ministries world wide
1:30 pm: Tuned IN TV - 02: American Babies
Influential bands making a difference in musical improvisation with guest: American Babies
2:00 pm: The Record Shop - 36
The Record Shop Episode 36 Generations, and genres, come together in Ardmore for Unity Day. Performances and interviews from Bunny Sigler and Bria Marie
3:00 pm: The Chellerina Show - 11: Pastor Langley
Encourages individuals to use their gift & talents, follow their dreams, and live a purpose filled life, ultimately, to fulfill their destiny!
3:30 pm: Salima Speaks -
Salima interviews Derrick Ford, Founder and Director, Recovery Idol. As America faces it's drug epidemic, Derrick Ford shares his journey from drug use and abuse to drug recovery and how it led to the establishment of Recovery Idol.
4:00 pm: It's All About You - by Toni J
Stay tuned for the hottest open mic with a live band in Philly. Hosted by Cassie Smith.
5:00 pm: Smart Talk - 27
Andrew Mazzone and Dr. Charles Murray discuss the welfare state in America and economic inequality.
5:31 pm: Living the Vision - 20
In this episode has an epic sit-down with the legendary Pastor John P. Kee and a great interview with Charles Butler and Trinity. Along with another edition of Visionary Moments and our Brag On God
6:00 pm: Optical Toys - 22: Doors & Other Portals
Showcase of regionally produced live action and animated short films assembled by University of the Arts animation professor, Lowell Boston.
6:30 pm: BrightStar Buzz - 06: Lamera Neta
Showcasing local live music acts & local venues in the city of Phila. These acts have been creating a buzz locally but they are on the way to becoming future bright stars nationally & hopefully, the world. Featuring Lamera Neta
7:00 pm: Phila Jazz Project Presents: - Kulu Se Mama Tribute
Sonic Liberation 8 performs Coltrane’s “Kulu Se Mama” at Conwell Dance Theater Featuring Kevin Diehl, Nichola Rivera, Tom Lowery, Ron Howerton, Matt Engle, Veronica Jurkiewicz, Elliot Levin, Mike Watson
8:30 pm: Phila Jazz Proj. Presents - Afro Blue Special
The Afro Blue Special is a collaboration of PhillyCAM & the Phila Jazz Project in honor of John Coltrane's 90th birthday Sept 23, 2016 with performances by Ernest Stuart featuring Parris Lové, Suzzette Ortiz & Bethlehem & the Nu GRuV Network
9:02 pm: Media Edge - 615
Episode includes: "The Laura Flanders Show" ; "Guns with History" "The 800 Mile Wall"
11:01 pm: Dumpsta Players Present - Bitchy Beach Burnout
Bitchy Beach Burnout: Visit the home of jobless hipsters like Dex Devon & his surfing fraternity, Big Stick Club as he chooses between Lola or Sweetie. Show off your bikini, but watch out for jellyfish!
11:31 pm: 100 Second Film Fest - 2017
The 100-Seconds is an international celebration of culture through the language of motion media and the common constraint of 100 seconds.