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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
12:00 am: ALL Entertainment LIVE! - 18
features interviews and performances by musical artists, authors, celebrities and innovators
12:30 am: Art Grease - 45
Buffalo Artists Make TV
1:01 am: Five Short Films - Season 2
Short films created by aspiring independent filmmakers from Phila & surrounding areas. This season we are featuring filmmakers: Melissa Kim, David Thompson, Carissa Anik, Lateek Harrison, and S.L. Sawyer.
2:06 am: 16th & Philly - Documentary
A basketball documentary that depicts the rise and fall of one of the nation’s legendary playground leagues held in the heart of North Philly.
2:56 am: 16th & Philly Music Video - Product of My Environment
AT SoundZ Feat. Udini La Voz, Tha Reapaz, and Ceasar Live Soul perform “Product of My Environment” featured on the 16th and Philly Soundtrack. Starring Kevin Burwell. Music video was directed by Jay Wes. Higher Than 7
3:02 am: Media That Matters Film Fest -
Social issue documentaries
4:36 am: The Fruit of Our Labor -
Community Supported Film made by Afghans providing a fresh perspective on their lives
6:30 am: Gospel Central - 47
Music Video Show plays independent & establish gospel artist. Also includes interviews of gospel artists, authors, Playwrights and Christian comedy.
7:30 am: SEPTA: In Motion -
An inside look at the control center for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority.
9:00 am: Not Just Cheesesteaks - 24
A show about the culinary experience of Philadelphia aside from our famous sandwich
9:30 am: Talking the Walk - 18: Shirelle Hogans
Shirelle Diamond Higgins- One encounter with Christ can change your outlook. Tune as Nurse Diamond shares her journey from religion to relationship
10:00 am: Dialed N RC - 55
with Michael Knight, RC Guru
10:30 am: Neighborhood Sports Showdown - 88
The Philadelphia Two-Hand Touch Football League (PTTFL) makes it debut courtesy of Michael Wallace, Zamani Feelings, & Eugene Pough. Also sports recaps from the region.
11:34 am: Dancin' On Air - 21
featuring Jason Nevins, Mark Loren, Ramon Wells, DJ King James, and DJ MXM with music video "Nothing To Lose" by VASSY.
1:00 pm: Project STEAM tv - 05
Part 1 of Strengthening Your Voice in a STEM industry hosted by NExT Philadelphia.
1:30 pm: Flicks & Tones - By Jim Miller
"Flicks & Tones" is an extended-length music video for Philadelphia Jazz, history, geography, political, cosmology and classic film fans.
2:16 pm: I Pick Up Garbage -
A walk with Sean O'Mahoney of WINK (We're Inventing a New Kensigton) to clean up the neighborhood.
2:30 pm: Making Happy - by Troy L. Jackson
A 5 scene studio screenplay about 3 friends coping with career & life choices in the city. They begin to articulate their true feelings on an informal evening out. An additional glimpse into their lives is revealed when they each return home.
2:46 pm: PCAM station ID - Take a Deep Breath
2:48 pm: Music Education - at the Cleff Club
See the growth and impact of the Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts Saturday education program, producing stellar young talent Clef Club has been home for legendary and emerging Philadelphia artists for 50 years By Antoine Haywood
3:00 pm: Dance Connection - 2017 Winter 2
Grown Folks Dancing
4:00 pm: ABA Basketball - 01
The Philly Cannons, a new professional basketball franchise in the American Basketball Association (ABA) The ABA is celebrating its 50th year in existence. Philly Cannons versus Reading Wizards November 5, 2016 in Reading, PA.
5:00 pm: LikeIT Is - 10
Racial Biases
5:55 pm: Bklyn Masquerading as World - Elissa French
Acclaimed filmmakers Terence Nance and Chanelle Aponte Pearson & MVMT team direct a lyrical portrayal of Brooklyn’s creative culture and unconventional artists featuring Elissa French
6:00 pm: The Selby Signature - 09 Veggie and Vegan
A Selby Signature throw-back featuring vegetarian and vegan options. Selby also enjoys philly street singers and highlights a seafood exhibitor at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 in NYC
6:30 pm: Unmanned: America's Drone Wars - by Brave New Films
Investigates the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad, observing their effect on the War on Terror, the lives of individuals, and U.S. foreign policy. By Brave New Films
7:33 pm: Koch Brothers Exposed - by Brave New Films
The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99 percent on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights. By Brave New Films
8:30 pm: Stealing America Vote by Vote - by Dorothy Fadiman
Examines the state of election manipulation in the United States
10:01 pm: Lord, I Prayed - By Dale Gordon
A soldier returns to his family blind with PTSD, refuses help with his flashback episodes. He has denounced his faith, placed his family in fear. His young daughter is the families spiritual glue. By Dale Gordon
11:24 pm: Saturday Night at the Movies - White Zombie
Classic Hollywood Serial and Movie