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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time PhillyCAM Channel 1
All day
11:26 pm: Gayuranus - by Exavier Wardlaw
A musical play that takes place on the planet Gayuranus,the only openly gay planet in the universe, where our lead character Hubba Bubba,flies in the face of social traditions,when she falls in love.
1:00 am: Armour of God - 46
Discuss the power of God Worship, Praise, the Word
1:34 am: The Internet's Own Boy - The Story of Aaron Swartz
Depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Produced by by Brian Knappenberger
3:19 am: Mill Creek Farm - West Philly Grown
A glimpse of the growing season
3:35 am: Happy Collaborator -
a poignant documentary by Mike Hazard that portrays George Stoney as a filmmaker, teacher of film, and media activist. George is widely known as "the father of public access."
4:32 am: Everyones Channel -
1990’s early history of U.S. community television and public access TV includes interviews with access pioneers (including George Stoney) & explores the technological developments that helped make cable access a reality.
5:34 am: History of Phila. TV -
Phila History Museum hosts an evening of "remember when.." exploring Phila's robust TV legacy with panel discussion featuring author of Images of America: Phila Television, Bill Shull & local legends Mike Strug, Trudy Haynes & Gene London
6:30 am: Prophetic Word - 227
7:00 am: Relevant Blessings - 05: Assoc for Non-Violence Pt.4
Part 4 of the Philadelphia MLK Jr. Association for Non-Violence January 2016, 34th Annual Awards 10th Anniversary. "Remembering Dr.C.Delores Tucker".
7:30 am: One to One - 13
One to one discipleship making. By Pastor Mike Couch
9:00 am: Phila. Theater Co. presents: - Philly Reality
Eight short plays produced by High School Students in Philadelphia.
11:00 am: Hard Cover - 587: Making Peace in the Streets
3 after school matters produced documentaries on the making of "Peace in the Streets" This is a documentary of rough parts of the town of Chicago, that need some peace.
11:29 am: POPPYN - 22
Offers a range of perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Election and unpacks issues like voter suppression, the two party system, the electoral college and the role of youth in politics.
12:01 pm: Scribe's Precious Places - Community History Proj. 104
1. King's Highway Bridge by Friends of Pennypack Park & Holmesburg Civic Assoc. 2. Bury Me in a Free Land: Story of Eden Cemetery by Friends of Historic Eden Cemetery 3. The Phila. Lazaretto by Lazaretto Preservation Assoc.Tinicum Twnshp
12:30 pm: Assistive Workplace Tech - Sierra Group Academy PSA
Learn how assistive technology & strategies may be used as "reasonable accommodations" in the workplace as per the Americans with Disabilities Act
12:38 pm: Music Education - at the Cleff Club
See the growth and impact of the Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts Saturday education program, producing stellar young talent Clef Club has been home for legendary and emerging Philadelphia artists for 50 years By Antoine Haywood
12:49 pm: Rent to Own - Community Legal Services
Produced by Community Legal Services, this short video alerts potential homeowners about the risk of rent to own scams
1:00 pm: GRIP TV - 18
Promotes, encourages and celebrates recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and empowers Christian addiction ministries world wide
1:30 pm: Tuned In Tv - 07: Cedric Nepoleon
Influential bands making a difference in musical improvisation with guest Cedric Nepoleon
2:00 pm: The Record Shop - 36
The Record Shop Episode 36 Generations, and genres, come together in Ardmore for Unity Day. Performances and interviews from Bunny Sigler and Bria Marie
3:00 pm: The Chellerina Show - 11: Pastor Langley
Encourages individuals to use their gift & talents, follow their dreams, and live a purpose filled life, ultimately, to fulfill their destiny!
3:30 pm: Salima Speaks - 84
Salima Speaks concludes its presentation of How to Make it In America, Economic Empowerment Conference given by City Council of Philadelphia. Panel 4, Part 2
4:00 pm: Marijuana: - How to Live with It
A panel discussion about the legal, medical, political and commercial implications of decriminalizing marijuana. Hosted by Trudy Haynes.
4:59 pm: Smart Talk - 24: Dr. Edward Nell
Andrew Mazzone & Dr. Edward Nell discuss globalization, outsourcing, the loss of US economy and financialization, during the years pre-1940, 1940-1980 and 1980 to the present.
5:30 pm: Living the Vision - 21
Our wonderful guest for this episode is Philly's own, international Gospel recording artist, Jermaine Dolly. Along with another edition of Visionary Moments and our Brag On God
6:00 pm: Making the Barber - 03
A Barber Reality Show
6:30 pm: Brightstar Buzz - 02: The Big Unkle
Showcasing local live music acts & local venues in the city of Phila. These acts have been creating a buzz locally but they are on the way to becoming future bright stars nationally & hopefully, the world. Featuring The Big Unkle
7:00 pm: Phila Jazz Project Presents: - PhillyCAM Sessions 10
Featuring DivaNation with Kendra Butler - Philadelphia Jazz Project, Turtle Studios and PhillyCAM present a series of Jazz performances and interviews with established and emerging musicians.
7:27 pm: Phila Jazz Project Presents: Raymond A. King - Raymond A. King
This concert was part of a Very Special Onetime Recording Series at Turtle Studios, in Philadelphia. This performance features Raymond A. King, Bert Harris, Terry Lawson and Lamar Prince.
8:30 pm: Media Edge - 613
Includes: The Laura Flanders Show ; The World Doesn’t Need More Nuclear Weapons ; Breaking Down Bail: Debunking Common Bail Myths ; Grounds for Resistance; Border, Inc.
10:30 pm: Sex Scandals in Religion -
In the Name of the Ayatolah is a discussion on politics of religion and causes of immigration due to violence & torture Presented by Cogent/Benger Productions & Vision TV/Zoomermedia Limited
11:00 pm: Dumpsta Players Present - Dumpstas Do Dionne
Dumpstas Do Dionne: Tribute to soulful sophisticate set against the roar of the 60's that any drag queen would aspire to emulate.
11:30 pm: Open Mic - 04
Radio based show with interviews and music videos featuring PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH Interview