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Slowly Losing Happiness


Slowly Losing Happiness: Check out this awesome video our youth member created. Can you believe this...

Radio Monday’s @ PhillyCAM are underway!Yesterday we had our...


Radio Monday’s @ PhillyCAM are underway!

Yesterday we had our first class for “Your Life on Air” and we discussed what type of radio we listen to some ideas for our show along with listening to some really cool soundscapes.

Can’t wait to hear our show? Neither can we! 

WPPM 106.5 here we come.

Our youth media students don’t only know their way around a...


Our youth media students don’t only know their way around a camera they also know a thing or two about environmental sustainability!  Check out this Hydropower plants one of our youth media students made. 

If you didn't know hydropower plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. A turbine converts the kinetic energy of falling water into mechanical energy. Then a generator converts the mechanical energy from the turbine into electrical energy.

Learn something new every day.

Fridays are made for exploring.This Friday we attended Chad High...


Fridays are made for exploring.

This Friday we attended Chad High schools Winter Fest! The school was filled with art exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, and games. We even got to see some of our very own PCAM Youth Media students work! 

We like artsy fartsy stuff! Keep up the cool work.

Hi I’m the new youth intern at PhillyCAM here are a few...


Hi I’m the new youth intern at PhillyCAM

here are a few facts about me.

Name: Noah Marant 

Grade 11 

High school Science Leadership Academy

I take lots of pictures  
I don’t talk a lot
Very hard worker
I like to practice in game design
I like to work with other people

I’m hoping to learn how to improve my production skills.

Remember that time we worked with these special guys?If their...


Remember that time we worked with these special guys?

If their faces don’t ring a bell we will fill you in..

 PhillyCAM collaborated with the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF), the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia and the Indonesian Diaspora Network to offer a week-long filmmaking workshop for youth ages 13-18. Participants learned aspects of film production from story development to production planning cinematography and editing. 

The project used media creation and media literacy to provide young people with the tools and training to be able to use media to dispel negative stereotypes and harmful misconceptions about Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and create safe space to foster artistic expression.

The final film premiered at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF) in November to rave reviews.

Pretty Cool Right? We totally know.

Friendsgiving was great! Thanks for asking.Last week we...


Friendsgiving was great! Thanks for asking.

Last week we celebrated Friendsgiving if you’re not familiar:

 Friendsgiving is a traditional meal that people have with friends around the time of their regular Thanksgiving. You should totally do it!

We shared a few laughs,ate a great meal and talked about what we are thankful for, it was great and were already looking forward to next year!

Did you know PhillyCAM now has a radio station?Yup, we do.Our...


Did you know PhillyCAM now has a radio station?

Yup, we do.Our youth media students Stephen and Brooklyn whipped up this song in no time. You know something light. Lol

PhillyCAM is excited to announce that WPPM- LP is officially broadcasting on the airwaves on 106.5 FM!  We are sending a signal from our center city studio to the transmitter and antenna on North 4th street, and if you are in our coverage area, you can hear the broadcast!!  


We even had Mayor Kenney give WPPM at shoutout!

How cool?!

Yo, Question E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.Our first week of Fall classes...


Yo, Question E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Our first week of Fall classes were pretty awesome! Check out a few clips from this video we made yesterday. The youth media students will continue to add and edit this piece that is a visual representation of the many questions we all have for mainstream media.

What Questions Do You Have For Mainstream Media?

What we all deserve.Today was our first youth media audio class...


Meet Jermaine he believes that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and he is so excited to learn something that will give him a new perspective during this audio class.

What we all deserve.

Today was our first youth media audio class Social Justice for Music. Over the next few weeks, these awesome students will be creating several pieces that highlight the issues in their communities and beyond armed with social justice terminology.

The images above are what the students think every human deserves on this planet.

We are kinda professionals.Over the summer we had the pleasure...


We are kinda professionals.

Over the summer we had the pleasure of working with the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival team who collaborated with us on a Asian Youth Voices Camp. The students worked tirelessly for a week to write and film their projects and we are so close to finishing the editing process on theses videos! 


This post is to finishing what you start.


About Last Night.Last evening a few of our youth members...


About Last Night.

Last evening a few of our youth members attended an open mic night hosted by the Apiary Magazine it was very enlightening.

Book is to read as television is to…watch that was an analogy a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

Drops Knowlege.
Walk off stage.

The Editing Room Floor: Asian Youth VoicesHey, I’m Justin I’m a...


The Editing Room Floor: Asian Youth Voices

Hey, I’m Justin I’m a high school senior and over the summer I worked on a series of videos at PhillyCAM for the Asian Youth Voices program. In just one week we worked together to make videos about our experiences as Asian America Youth. I recently went back to PhillyCAM to edit one of our videos and here are 3 things I didn’t know about the editing and filmmaking process that I know now…..

1. Get as much footage as you can! The more you have to work with once you begin editing the better.

2.Editing is hard and very time-consuming. I short video not even 2 mins can take hours to complete.Be Patient!

3.Filmmaking lets you have a voice and editing helps to support your message and make it more clear.

I loved my time at PhillyCAM and can’t wait to see all the finished films.




YouTube: After media maker Lucia Ramirez visited our youth space to talk about her travels and share...

We did it!After weeks of planning we successfully made a pretty...


We did it!

After weeks of planning we successfully made a pretty dope show for the DNC. 

It aired live on our channel.

It was awesome.

We were pretty awesome.

Things we learned this week from covering DNC events:

1. Turn Mics on when you are interviewing people. Turns out they don’t work if your don’t.

2. Be ready for anything and be ready to move around a lot when covering events.

3. Keep a positive attitude… well as much as any teenager can.

4.Make back up plans to your back up plans.

5. Try to stay organized. It’s hard but try.

Day 2 of our TV Studio Camp was even...


Day 2 of our TV Studio Camp was even more awesome….Awesomer? 

We’ll let’s just say it was pretty cool. We worked on planning our segments for our 30 min show, played some rad icebreakers and even watched a little bit of “Lamb chop’s play along” a great show from the 90′s if you don’t know it you totally should. In the words of Ice Cube -Today was a good day.

We love Wide Angle Media! Our students had the chance to check...


We love Wide Angle Media!

 Our students had the chance to check out their awesome photo book called “This is Baltimore” that highlights positive youth. The online publication is free for anyone to view, and over 200 hardcover copies of the book have been delivered to participating workshop sites, students, donors, community members, and a selection of local universities and libraries.


Our first 1st youth compilation will air on our channel...


Our first 1st youth compilation will air on our channel Fridays@5:30 in July!

Youth Powered Media Vol 1 was created over the last seven months and shows a wide array of work we’ve created with our youth members.The compilation speaks to youth voice and creativity in the City of Philadelphia topics range from healthy eating to fear of success.

Comcast 66/966

Verizon 29/30

Hey Tumblr! This is Aloni! I had the opportunity to work with...


Hey Tumblr! This is Aloni! I had the opportunity to work with the PCAM Youth this summer and it was an amazing experience. I was able to serve as an ally to the students and aid them in producing content that expressed their voices. Students write their own scripts, develop storyboards, film their own visuals, and lay their own tracks! PCAM Youth is a community where students come together to collaborate on messages that they want to focus on. It is a great and supportive environment where fun and learning happens simultaneously. 

Thank you for everything!

Here’s a clip from the Play On, Philly! end of year concert...


Here’s a clip from the Play On, Philly! end of year concert where students created a original score to our film Th(ink) which touches on the idea that we are all connected in many ways and to always remember that you are the author of your own life story.