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Youth Media Montage

To support and embrace youth voices we created PhillyCAM’s Tech Lounge. Our students learn to access, analyze, create and share digital media content with thoughtfulness and social responsibility. 

How do I get involved?

The Tech Lounge benefits young people and by extension the larger Philadelphia community by providing much needed quality after-school activities, intensive production classes and internship opportunities. We offer instruction on basic storytelling, photography, video production and media literacy.

  • 1. After-school workshops allow students to explore different media tools, genres and techniques while gaining essential skills to decode media messages.
  • 2. Youth production classes are multi-week hands-on training opportunities for students to learn specific media skills in a project-based environment. Registration is required for class participation.
  • 3. Internships allow youth to identify and explore media production careers while gaining the comprehensive skills needed to enter the workforce.

Youth Membership

In order to participate in activities you must be a PhillyCAM member. The youth membership is $15 for ages 14-21 which expires 12 months after the sign-up date. The Tech Lounge is a creative space for all. Please inquire about PhillyCAM's work exchange program if the youth membership fee causes a financial hardship. For more information contact


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Or if you choose not to join online, you can pay by mail or in-person.

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