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2019 Board Candidates


Meet the 2019 Board Candidates


Alicia Bullock

Self Nominated

Having served on the PhillyCAM Board for my first 2-year term, I have gained a better understanding of the history, infrastructure, professional staff operations, membership, and overall logistics of our amazing entity and have seen growth in a myriad of areas. As such, I am honored to have been a part of the experiences and based on my contributions and efforts hope that I am deemed qualified to continue in that vain.

With my PhillyCAM Board first-term experience, I will continue to offer feedback and ideas that juxtapose my unique self. I am: an Academic, Product of Philadelphia Public Schools, TU graduate, Professional, Colleague, Black, Woman, Lesbian, Sister, Daughter of a Single Teen-aged Mother, Granddaughter, Activist, Member of the World Community, Member of PhillyCAM with a Sense of Community, FUN, Woke, human being. These characteristics are reflective of multiculturalism and I am grateful for the opportunity to share them meaningfully as the mission for PhillyCAM advances.



Elizabeth Estrada

Nominated by Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Elizabeth Estrada is a Cuban American multimedia producer dedicated to exploring and amplifying stories about women, millennials and Latinx communities living in America. In 2017, Elizabeth moved from Queens, New York to Philadelphia. She found community and purpose at PhillyCAM and has been a member ever since. Elizabeth has produced video content for Atrévete and co-founded The Philly Breakdown, a community news show on WPPM. She has worked with teens to produce Know Before You Go, a series about accessibility in the arts and Let’s Get Coffee, a show about coffee shops that cultivate community. In 2018, she received the Cammy Award for Radio Innovation for a one-hour bilingual radio special.

Elizabeth is currently the Digital Communications Coordinator at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. She is a former intern at WHYY’s The Pulse and has worked at various organizations supporting women and filmmakers of color. As a media maker who also has years of nonprofit experience, Elizabeth is uniquely positioned to support PhillyCAM and its talented and diverse community as a Board Member. 

I am not a Philadelphia-native, but I was drawn to make this city my home because of its beautiful diversity that welcomes everyone. Philly and PhillyCAM are places in which Latinx, millennials, and women are thriving and having that representation on the PhillyCAM board is essential to ensure that we are appealing and accessible to all Philadelphians. I can provide this representation through my perspective and experience as a young person, a Cuban American, a woman and as a new Philadelphian.  It is important that the PhillyCAM Board of Directors be inclusive in its leadership and reflect the city it represents. It would be my honor to play a role in that.



Susan Hauck

Nominated by Community College of Philadelphia

I have served on the board for the last two years and have contributed to a strong and well-functioning board in many ways.  I have provided leadership by serving as the current Chair of the facilities committee.  I lead the effort for Community College of Philadelphia to file supportive comments with the FCC on PhillyCAM’s behalf, drafting a letter that our President signed and submitted.  I also submitted comments to the FCC in support of PhillyCAM as a private citizen.

My bio includes graduating from Temple, and working in television, at a cable news station and later at A&E.  Realizing the potential of technology, I got my Masters at Drexel in Information Systems.  I have had a progression of jobs in higher education.  My current position is Dean of Flexible Learning Options and Academic Technology at CCP, where my responsibilities include providing strategic leadership for the College’s PEG Channel, CCPTV. 

I believe in the work PhillyCAM does, and back that up with my own contributions, and my time.  I have rarely missed a board meeting and always come prepared, and contribute during the meetings.  I hope to continue the collaboration and further the opportunities between PhillyCAM and CCPTV. I’m a woman in technology, which is still unusual, unfortunately.  I live in the Northwest part of the city. 

As a leader in a predominantly black institution, I have a demonstrated ability to respect and communicate with a diverse community.  In my role at CCP, I appreciate the critical role that PEG channels play in providing a platform for different – and sometimes unpopular- points of view.  I am also sensitive to the needs of differently-abled people, and how technology can be both a powerful tool and a source of frustration at the same time.  My goal is to contribute to the conversation and to ensure PhillyCAM continues to be a strong platform for the people of Philadelphia to tell their stories.



Charlese Hawkins


I am a creative whose passion for helping others led to a career in healthcare. Working in healthcare has exposed me to a myriad of medical, economic, and psychological issues that affect every race of people. Living abroad in Singapore advanced and contributed to my understanding of diverse cultures beyond the United States. Equipped with a film degree as well, I am driven to create and support meaningful content that captures true moments in people's lives. The skills I have acquired from starting and leading my own production company have made me more resilient and determined to achieve success.

I have a passion for working with underserved communities; hence, I will work to attract those who feel life has made it impossible for them to be immersed in media or entertainment. Additionally, Philadelphia is a melting pot of creatives, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and many other professions; therefore, my other goal would be to make PhillyCAM the space where all of these perspectives can come together and make magic.



Anthony Mazza


For three years starting in November 2000, I was a volunteer programmer at Radio Volta, a community-based, collectively operated, internet radio station in West Philly.  As a volunteer-run station, I had the opportunity to participate in all areas of station operation including fundraising, programmer training, outreach, facilities management, and even some basic tech!  Relationships I built there led me to the Prometheus Radio Project, a national organization also based in West Philly that won the fight at the FCC and Congress to get WPPM and stations like it on the air. 

Initially, I was involved in fundraising there, both grant writing and organizing special events.  Later I moved to a strictly administrative role- dealing with insurance, payroll, the annual audit and all the other boring day-to-day aspects of running a non-profit.  After my daughter was born in 2013 I left the non-profit world, shifting to part-time work as a professional bookkeeper.  I hope my extensive experience in non-profit fundraising and administration will be helpful via my participation in the Fundraising or Finance committee. I grew up in Mayfair and lived there until my early 20's when I moved to Fishtown.

In my ten years as a core member of the Prometheus Radio Project I participated in a variety of campaigns and actions in support of more participatory media- from costumed protest actions here in Philly and D.C., to organizing and testifying at federal hearings on concentration of media ownership to over a half dozen radio station building events all over the US.  I consider it a privilege to be a DJ/Programmer on WPPM since shortly after the station launch in the Fall of 2017, where I am active on the Fundraising and Outreach committee. 

I hope to bring my passion for community media and radical politics, as well as my professional experience in non-profit fundraising and administration in my service on the board at PhillyCAM.



Lorne Peart


I am a Jamaican-British digital media strategist, music producer, and sound design specialist with over 20 years experience in the field of communications.  I am currently the owner and operator of Future International Roadblock, a digital media consulting firm which specializes in music and radio production in Philadelphia.

Here at PhillyCAM I produce a Radio and TV show, teach the Board Operator class, and am one of the Youth Radio program facilitators. I hope to use my skills in media to help grow PhillyCAM's audiences and increase our visibility in the community.

PhillyCAM's board can be served well with more representation from immigrant communities and people who represent a variety of the many rich neighborhoods in the city. As a Jamaican-British resident of South Philadelphia, I hope to bring my unique perspective to the board. I hope to work with the staff and board committees to strategize ways to reach more immigrant communities in Philadelphia and reach deeper into neighborhoods South Philadelphia.



Charles Gregory Postell

Nominated by Nicetown CDC

Charles Gregory Postell is an accredited leader in the Philadelphia area with Certifications in Fashion and Wardrobe, Etiquette, Style Consulting and International Image Excellence.  Instructor for TV Studio Crew Instructor and TV Producing and Directing at PhillyCAM. 

Contributions would be to encourage inclusive and diverse activities, with an emphasis on multi-cultural engagement. Charles is a well- known Philadelphian with a capacity to engage people of all backgrounds, exchange important information and highlight special people and events.  His experience and credentials make him uniquely qualified to be a PhillyCAM Board Member.  He is also a teacher/facilitator with the ability to conceptualize and bring current events and pertinent topics to light.  His command of television production exemplifies all of the aforementioned qualities, making him an outstanding Board candidate.



Donyale Reavis

Nominated by Public Citizens for Children & Youth

Diversity is such a charged word in our society. For me, diversity of thought, idea, experience, and perspective are necessary elements of any media organization, let alone one whose mission it is to reflect the many voices of the people of the city of Philadelphia. As the only attorney member of the board, I tend to focus on facts and numbers more than most! My practice also requires significant travel and time outside of Philadelphia, and I find myself an outsider around many tables.

Time has taught me that success requires more than marginal support, you have to weave support and resources across zip codes—across the many neighborhoods where the people we serve hail from. As a result, my perspective on issues tends to incorporate questions, a lot of questions. For example, “How have other cities addressed this issue? Is there any learning to be gained from their approach? How can we ensure financial stability in order to ensure that strong media platforms are accessible to the community voices of our city?  At a time where truth and facts themselves seem to have become marginalized voices, it is imperative to ensure that diverse schools of thought are guiding these decisions.



Lauren Settles


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's degree in Business Administration.  I have 4 years of previous Board of Directors experience as a PhillyCAM Board Member.  I have served on PhillyCAM's Board of Directors Finance, Audit, Government Affairs, Membership/Outreach & Programming, Facilities, and Fundraising subcommittees.  I am a Certified Producer.  I have 5 years of previous experience as a Youth Leader and Fundraising Director for a non-profit organization.

I would contribute to PhillyCAM's goal of having a Board of Directors that is reflective of the diversity of the City of Philadelphia by being both a woman and African-American.  I would contribute my professional, academic, and life experiences as a woman and a minority.

It is important that a board of directors maintain diversity as each individual contributes something unique to the composition of the board.  Also, my experience as a certified producer would be beneficial to the board of directors.


PhillyCAM members will receive an electronic ballot via email on March 14. Voting is open until Thursday, March 28 at 8:00 pm.


Don't miss the opportunity to meet the candidates in person at PhillyCAM's Annual Member Meeting, Thursday, March 28 at 6 pm.