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Cammy Award Guidelines

What Are The Cammy Awards?

Recognizing the creativity and commitment of its producers, the CAMMY Awards celebrate members whose television or radio content resonates with the PhillyCAM mission to be a community media center that brings together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values, and civic participation.

The awards are also given to members whose media content exemplifies values of inclusion, collaboration, discovery, learning local focus, and quality.

Cammys awardees are decided by a panel of volunteer judges with expertise in community and independent media making, community organizing and social impact work.


Cammy Awards - Eligibility

Any current PhillyCAM organizational, individual, or youth member can enter a television or radio program submission to be judged.

For this third year of the Cammys, submissions are open to all genres of content aired on PhillyCAM’s cable TV channels or WPPM between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.

A member can submit up to 2 entries of video and/or audio. There is no entry fee.

Submissions are being accepted June 15 - July 31, 2019 (ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUG.5th)

Cammy Awards are held October 20, 2019  at the Lightbox Film Ctr, International House


What Can I Submit?

  • You may submit any part of a single program, or a few segments from a series program, separated by a fade or slate, up to a total of 5 minutes.
  • Judges are only required to watch 5 minutes of each entry. Unless you indicate a specific time in the program, judges will watch from the beginning.
  • Segments must appear as they were originally cablecast.
  • Judges will select finalists from the candidate pool.
  • These finalists must provide a media file, video still/production image, and headshot to be used in the awards ceremony highlight reel and promotional materials. Judges will make every effort to view your entry.


Disqualifying Factors

  • Membership is expired or suspended at any point. 
  • Member is a PhillyCAM staff person or is contracted to facilitate or teach classes or productions for PhillyCAM.* 
  • Program submission is not viewable or audible for technical reasons. 
  • Incomplete submissions. Examples include: broken links, problems with media file, incomplete descriptions or text, etc. 
  • The entry exceeds the (2) submissions allowed for (1) category each. 
  • Improper modification for the purpose of this award. Programs or excerpts of programs should be entered in this contest as they were originally aired on PhillyCAM cable or WPPM FM in the form of a 5 minute clip or timestamped excerpts. Your entry may not be a montage.
  • Candidate does not submit required promotional materials. 
  • Member may not submit to the same category in which they were the award recipient in the 2018 Cammy Awards. 
  • Entries submitted after ​11:59PM ET​ July, 31 deadline (unless deadline is officially extended).

*Members who are performing teaching or production support for PhillyCAM project may submit independently produced content.


Cammy Awards Categories

  Creative Expression Awards

  • Innovation Award for TV  
  • Innovation Award for Radio
  • Presence Award for TV
  • Expression Award for Radio
  • Excellence in Curation Award for Radio
  • Excellence in Production Award for TV


  Civic Engagement - (TV & radio entries are accepted for these categories)

  • Community Responder Award
  • Connector Award
  • Democratic Values - (TV and radio entries are accepted for these categories)
  • Inclusion Award
  • Collaboration Award
  • Message Award


Completing a profile on Film Freeway

  Before you start:

  • Confirm your membership is current and will be current at the time of the Cammys.
  • Confirm your entry premiered during the eligible timeframe.
  • Gather your content (video / audio clips) - links and/or digital files. Make sure the links and digital files are all working correctly.
  • Review category for entry and prepare a personal statement about how the program qualifies for that category.
  • Gather the names of guests, crew, producers, etc.
  • Gather headshot, logo, or other artwork for the profile.
  • Now that you are ready, go to to start your free profile.


Submitting Content to Cammy Awards

   STEP ONE - Complete a Profile on Film Freeway

1. Go to Film and click SIGN UP (on top right hand-corner) to create a new profile.

2. Enter your email and select - I want to submit my work or get tickets to festivals

3, Once you have created entered an email and password, it will take you to the “Add a Project Page.” Complete the required information:

a. Project Info - Select Film/Video for TV project or Music/Songwriting for Radio project, add title, synopsis, website, and social media info
b. Submitter Info - Enter contact info, birthdate, and gender
c. Credits (co-producers, crew)
d. Specifications (select television or Other for radio entries)
e. Screening Information - enter PhillyCAM

  STEP TWO - Add media files

4. The next screen will ask you to add content, click on Upload a Digital Version

5. Upload video or audio file or add a website link to the audio or video file

6. Add photos to go with the project if you want

7. Go to My Projects at the top of the page if you want to add a second media project

Click add project then repeat steps 3-6


8. Go to the PhillyCAM page for the CAMMYS:

9. Review all the rules and all the awards categories BEFORE you submit

10. Choose 1 category to submit to. (If  you want to submit to another category or submit a second  video that will be the choice for a second separate submission.)

11. Write on a separate document (because you don’t want to lose your data) the answer to this question, “How does your program meet the qualities of the category selected?” This answer is of equal importance as the program submission

12. Now you are ready to submit! Select a category, add your media project, complete the entry form, copy and paste your essay answer, then add to cart and check out

13. Go back to and submit a 2nd entry if you want, as a separate project.