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2020 Organization Board Candidate Nomination Form


An individual can be nominated by a non-profit listed in PhillyCAM's bylaws (see list of organizations hereor by any current organization member of PhillyCAM

Contact for a current list of PhillyCAM organization members.

A representative of the organization must submit the nomination form on behalf of the candidate.  An organization can only nominate 1 candidate per election.

Here is a list of Non-Profit Organizations that can also nominate PhillyCAM members to run for the board as per the PhillyCAM Bylaws, Section 4.7 (a):


A completed nomination form must be submitted by midnight on Moday, 2/10/20. 


Complete the form with information about your nominee.

Nominee Information

*Nominee must be a Philadelphia resident and current PhillyCAM member in good standing to run for the board.

In their own words, ask your nominee to provide biographical info to give a sense of how their professional, academic, creative and life experience would make them a strong board candidate. (200 words maximum)

In their own words, ask your nominee to articulate how they would contribute to PhillyCAM's goal of having a board of directors that is reflective of the diversity of the City of Philadelphia? (200 words maximum)

Nominator Information:

I understand and confirm that I have the authority to submit this board nomination on behalf of my organization.