Connie Komm, May Member of the Month

I’ve been a member of PhillyCAM since 2012. At PhillyCAM I’ve been a Solutions Journalism and Trudy Haynes Fellow, Member of the PhillyCAM House Crew, independent journalist, and a three-time Cammy award nominee.
Over the past few years, I’ve done segments for PhillyCAM Voices, been the floor manager and camera operator for the Cammy Award-winning show “Like It Is,” worked with a team of PhillyCAM members to produce two films for the 24-hour Film Festival, was a crew member for Democracy Now’s coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and have worked on a number of other PhillyCAM shows and projects as well.
I graduated from Boston University’s School of Communications, majoring in Film and Television. I’m an independent video producer, filmmaker, and video editor. I’m an IT Technical Support Specialist, I’ve interned as a videographer and photographer for the Black Professional News, and as a media relations intern for a State Representative.