Jordan Kucharski, March Member Of The Month

Jordan Kucharski - March Member of the Month
Post 3/1/2020
PhillyCAM is a fantastic place with a lot of opportunities to learn new skills, work on projects, and meet new people.

I graduated from college two years ago without much of an idea of what to do with my degree, but I knew I had to do something. I knew about community- and public-access media facilities previously, so when I was deciding to move to Philadelphia, I made sure to look to see if one existed here.

Joining PhillyCAM has given me an opportunity to improve my craft, meet new people, build up my resume and portfolio, and gain a better sense of my career trajectory. Whether your goal is networking, learning, or just to have fun, PhillyCAM has it. Despite how much I’ve done so far, there is still so much I can gain from PhillyCAM, and I hope to become even more involved in the future.