2022 Board Candidates


 Revised 3/25/2020

Congratulations to all the 2022 Board Candidates on your election to the PhillyCAM Board of Directors.

The board of directors is responsible for ensuring the health and growth of PhillyCAM and keeping our work in line with our mission, vision, and values. Board members are elected to a 2-year term and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.



Candidates Nominated by Non-Profit Organizations


Tauhid Chappell 

Nominated by Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

Tauhid is an Executive Board Member and a credentialed Parliamentarian of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, the first and oldest association of Black journalists in the country. An 8-year veteran of the media industry, he’s worked as a social media editor at The Washington Post, joined the Philadelphia Inquirer as an audience engagement editor, then moved to the Free Press, a media policy nonprofit focused on equitable access for broadband and internet, the break up of media conglomerates, equity and reparations in media and the defense against government surveillance.

After organizing two cannabis conferences focused on media and equity in Philadelphia, he's combined forces with dozens of stakeholders and has organized the Philadelphia CannaBusiness Association, Pennsylvania's first Black-owned, Black-led cannabis nonprofit aimed at healing the damage done by cannabis prohibition and mass incarceration.


How Tauhid Chappell will contribute to Board Diversity

“As a person of Black, African, and South Asian descent who manages an autoimmune  deficiency disorder, I believe I can help expand PhillyCAM's understanding of individuals and people who are multiracial, who are brought up in immigrant societies and people who are often labeled with "invisible diseases" but must navigate this world in a very cautious and deliberate manner.

Given the current pandemic situation, being someone who is at high risk with a unique condition, I can help  PhillyCAM Board Members think about accessibility as it pertains to ensure those who do not have the ability to physically participate, are still able to experience all that PhillyCAM has to offer as a service to the community and public at large.”  -Tauhid Chappell


Maisha Eloni

Nominated by Disability Pride

Maisha is the diversity, equity, and inclusion officer at Liberty Resources Inc. (LRI), the Center for Independent Living for people with disabilities in the Philadelphia region. A flexible professional, she is also a licensed attorney and notary for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Prior to joining LRI, Maisha worked in educational administration at the University of Pennsylvania, continuing legal education at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and page design and graphic editing at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She is an improv actor and sometime performer/organizer at small local renaissance faires, as well as a volunteer with Disability Pride.

The child of immigrant war survivors, Maisha is committed to ensuring human and civil rights are never violated, and believes that an individual's ability to tell stories in their own voice is critical to that safety. For those reasons she is grateful for the opportunity to share her legal, administrative, educational, and creative backgrounds and connections to help PhillyCAM thrive. 


How Maisha Eloni will contribute to Board Diversity

"I moved from Southern California to Philadelphia in 2002. I jokingly say I’m a first-ish generation American. My father is a naturalized immigrant, once a refugee from the first civil war in the country now known as South Sudan. My mother is the daughter of a Norwegian missionary and a Floridian expat, and she inherited her citizenship even though she was born and raised in Algeria. United by love, my extended family now spans the globe and looks like a miniature U.N. I am a person with a disability and work full time with the disabled community. I identify as queer and polyamorous, and live happily with my shih-tzu, Muppet the Fearsome War Beast.”  – Maisha Eloni


Pascale Vallee 

Nominated by Liberty Resources

Pascale has spent the last two decades in advocacy and activism across various sectors, with a particular focus on intersectionality. Pascale is proudly a queer, first generation American who's family has long been rooted in worker's rights. For the past seven years, she's been working at Liberty Resources, a Philadelphia non-profit which advocates with people with disabilities and will have completed her Masters in Public Health in August 2022. Pascale's undergraduate degree is in English and Education; healthy communication, knowledge translation, and culture building are passions of hers.

Pascale conducts various trainings for organizations across Philadelphia, including DEI/Intersectionality, Disability Rights, Transgender Justice, Gender Relations, and De-Escalation. While her passions lay in the humanities and activism, Pascale is also trained in program design, implementation, and evaluation. So far, Pascale has served two terms on the Board of Directors at PhillyCAM and is currently serving as Co-Vice Chair and DEI Officer.


How Pascale Vallee will contribute to Board Diversity

“I am queer and have been working with the LGBTQ+ community for years. My parents are immigrants who came here barely speaking English but were able to accomplish an American middle class life through working in a construction labor union. I have almost a decade's experience working in Disability Justice and have acted as a DEI consultant for various Philadelphia organizations.” – Pascale Vallee


Self-Nominated Individual Candidates

Ricky Clover


Ricky is a multi-award winner animator of the 3D animated, Marky series currently airing on PhillyCAM and YouTube. It’s a  family-friendly comedy set in 1992 about a teen stuck with a bad haircut in middle school.  Ricky is a Devry University Multimedia Development and Design Bachelor's Degree student and has been a member of PhillyCAM since 2016. He has attended many PhillyCAM workshops to learn filmmaking, animation and audio production, members film screenings, functions( Networking, Christmas and BBQ events and member retreats). 


How Ricky Clover will contribute to Board Diversity

“My time at PhillyCAM is rewarding also because I meet a lot of wonderful people. I have public speaking skills, ability to assemble people for a common cause and able to get along with people from diverse backgrounds with excellent social skills. Filmmakers are leaders. As an African-American animator who has won multiple awards for Marky series, I can inspire a generation of artists of color who want to be animators. With me winning awards at various film festivals. The goal is to have the Marky series as a tv show on a streaming service or a theatrical release. More cartoon diversity can inspire kids of color to become future animators.” - Ricky Clover


Shameka Sawyer

Shameka is an award-winning producer and champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. An experienced director of photography, camera operator, and video editor, she is the Founder of the 5 Shorts Project, one of the few film and video production organizations in Philadelphia, owned and operated by an African American woman. Shameka's production company has developed content for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), NAACP Philadelphia Chapter, Straight Ahead Organization, North Broad Street Renaissance, and WHYY, to name a few. Shameka is sought after by companies and organizations to provide her expertise in content creation, video production, and collaborative filmmaking. She has produced over 40 short films in 7 years and contributed her expertise in independent film production on various platforms, including PhillyCAM, IHeartMedia, and B. PHL Innovation Fest.


How Shameka Sawyer will contribute to Board Diversity

“I believe I represent PhillyCAM's vision for board diversity. As an African American woman, my goal is to advocate for diverse and underrepresented voices. I'm a Philly native - born and raised. I am fully entrenched in the rich culture of the diverse communities our City has to offer. Through my collaborative filmmaking organization, the 5 Shorts Project, I've had the honor of working with resilient creative of color and building opportunities for our voices to be heard. I plan to bring my knowledge, experience, and voice to the PhillyCAM board to continue to spark dialogue and to build bridges between different communities.” – Shameka Sawyer



Derwood Selby

Derwood is the producer and host of The Selby Signature, a food and travel television series seen on PhillyCAM.  He recently published his first cookbook entitled: FLAVORS of INTEREST. The award-winning creative director turned chef repositioned his focus to the kitchen and put his life-long passion of cooking to work. His desire to bring back the ritual of family dinner was largely the inspiration behind compiling his recipes into a book. “We settled our differences at the dinner table growing up,” says the Philadelphia native, “and it was the most important hour of the day.” He brings his skills and knowledge as a Creative Director and Producer for MEE Productions, a research media company in Philadelphia, along with producer credentials for TV and WPPM radio at PhillyCAM." 


How Derwood Selby will contribute to Board Diversity

“As a male African-American in the community, the Selby Signature PM radio show has always featured a broad range of voices from different backgrounds. My commitment would be to make sure this trend of diversity in the organization stays on track.” – Derwood Selby