Jos Duncan Asé, May Member of the Month

"Lights, camera, community. PhillyCAM is a place where deep thinkers, creators, and change-makers come together to make media.

A place of play, to go back and fetch dreams that were almost left behind. A safe place, to start and finish art. A political place to protest, strategize and plan policies. A home where youth are nurtured, elders are students, and neighbors are classmates.

I've been a leader, a learner, a creator, a board member, a peer, a mentor, and a partner at PhillyCAM. It always feels the same. The love is consistent at PhillyCAM. Thanks for choosing me as member of the month."

Jos participated in a special workshop Philly Frequencies: Stories in Sound, check out her story along with the other participants in this audio playlist by clicking below.