Live Interviewing and Hosting - July 18, 2024

Join journalist, actor, and storyteller Daralyse Lyons for a dynamic in-person workshop on mastering the art of live interviewing and hosting for TV or radio. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the scene, this workshop will equip you with essential tips and techniques for conducting compelling and memorable interviews and hosting live on a mic or camera.


Workshop Highlights

Preparing for Success: Imagine you have just 10 minutes to interview someone you admire. How do you make those minutes count?

In this workshop, you will learn effective strategies for researching your guest, crafting insightful questions, and structuring your interview for maximum impact. This will enhance your interviewing skills and make your interviews more engaging and impactful.

Staying Present: The key to a great interview is staying present in the moment while maintaining your preparedness. In this interactive workshop, you will discover techniques to manage nerves, stay focused, and adapt to unexpected turns in the conversation, enhancing your ability to handle live interviews with confidence and ease.

Bringing Your Authentic Self: Learn to infuse your personality into your hosting role. Discover techniques to connect genuinely with your audience, project confidence, and establish a compelling presence on the air.


Who Should Attend:

Aspiring journalists

Broadcasters and podcasters

Communication professionals

Anyone interested in improving their interviewing and hosting skills

Class Date: 07/18/2024 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET

Sliding Scale 0-$25

This workshop is open to the public. The workshop will take place in person at PhillyCAM.

Instructor: Daralyse Lyons

Daralyse has extensive experience as a journalist, actor, and storyteller. Her dynamic approach combines practical expertise with a passion for authentic storytelling, making her workshops informative and inspiring. Read more about her work at


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