February 2019

TV Programming Spotlight: March 2019

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Women's Mobile Museum
Women's Mobile Museum

Processing the Process, Together:

filmmakers and participants reflect on documenting the WMM journey

Screening of the video portrait series created for the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center's Women’s Mobile Museum (WMM). The video portraits document the year-long collaboration with South African artists Zanele Muholi and Lindeka Qampi and 10 Philadelphia women as they learn photography,  explore issues of representation and challenge social and economic barriers in the art world.

The screening will be followed by a conversation facilitated by Dr. Kathleen Walls (WMM Project Advisor) with filmmakers Cindy Burstein and Anula Shetty and WMM artists Shana-Adina Roberts and Muffy Ashley Torres about craft, creativity and collaboration in the process of producing the Women’s Mobile Museum video portrait series.

The Women’s Mobile Museum is both a manifesto and a delivery system for reclaiming the space and function of presenting art. It challenges the current hierarchy of the art world, and more broadly the intellectual world. WMM envisions a decolonized art museum that welcomes all people.


Produced by Anula Shetty & Cindy Burstein w/the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
Discussion produced with PhillyCAM
Sundays at 4pm in March
7 Figure Hustle
7 Figure Hustle

How the money works. Financial literacy for adults and youth featuring motivational speakers and small business owners.
Understanding the difference between Residual and Linear income. What will you leave your family - bills or benefits?
Instruction on leaving a Legacy of Generational Wealth.

Produced & hosted by Toni J.
Sundays at 5pm
New Series
District Collective
District Collective

An episodic series featuring an anthology of original short films and post production talks between the producers and the writers. Each film features a different, writer, cast, plot and genre.

Produced by Christine Dancey
Sundays at 5:30pm
New Series
Kulu Mele 2018
Kulu Mele 2018

Featuring high-energy, jubilant West African, Afro-Cuban and hip hop dance and drumming, 'Journey' is a celebration of love, culture and community

Produced with PhillyCAM
Sundays at 9:00pm in March
Dykeumentary TV
Feminist Film Show

Highlights social justice short films of interest to the Philly metro area and beyond.

Produced by Krissy Mahan
Sundays at 10:30pm
New Series
PAAFF 2018 Workshops
Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest

The Activist Songbook

Join composer Byron Au Yong and writer Aaron Jafferis as they teach material from Activist Songbook, a collection of 53 songs and raps to counteract hate.


Word to Your Motherland

Join Los Angeles born, South Asian American Sikh Recording Artist SETI X for this workshop exploring Hip-Hop Culture and its relationship with South Asian American youth and their development of self-identity.



Produced with PhillyCAM
Presented by Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest
Mondays at 1:30pm in March
Where is Ahalieme
Where is Ahalieme

The story of Ahalieme Barks-dale Bey who went missing from South West Philadelphia.

(preview for the Deeper Than Journalism series)

Produced by Sergio Cruel
Saturdays at 10:00pm in March
Me Against the World
Me Against the World

An injured football player speaks out about injustice and deals with consequences

Produced by Thomas Freeman
Saturdays at 10:15pm in March
Chaos Computer Club
Chaos Computer Club

Conference 2018 – Refreshing memories

C2X: TV will not be revolutionized. From Cyberfeminism to XenoFeminism, a short history of radical appropriations of media. Explores how technology is informed by social, economic & political environments, internationally.

Feminist Perspectives
Inclusive, Diverse Spaces & Communities:
A variety of initiatives aim to encourage female engagement in the hacker maker scene. With Hong Phuc, Le RESET, Em O'Sullivan & Ready to Code


Produced by Chaos Computer Club Conference 2018
Saturdays at 10:30pm in March