Goodbye .m2t, Hello .mp4

  • Gabe Castro
  • |
  • JANAURY 25, 2018

Good news, Everyone! PhillyCAM’s broadcast server can now accept .mp4 files!


If you’ve submitted content to us previously then you may be familiar with our TelVue Preset (.m2t) which was a preset designed specifically for PhillyCAM. The Adobe Creative Suite recently released it’s 2018 update. And with this new update came new issues, specifically relating to our preset. The update did not work well with these files.

However, we have conquered this issue and can now accept .mp4 files. If you are working in Adobe Premiere you can export using the H.264 Vimeo Preset (1080p HD) to submit. You can also use your master HD file if it is 15-20 mbps and 1920x1080p.

When you are ready to submit you can also use our new File Uploader from the media lab to upload your content right to our programming staff. No more USB drives!


For any additional questions feel free to reach out to technical services staff.