Introducing the Community Forum

  • Gabe Castro
  • |
  • MARCH 28, 2018

Struggling to find a crew, guests or new topics?

PhillyCAM has a space where members can communicate & network directly from their PhillyCAM account!

PhillyCAM is a Community space and we encourage all members to communicate with each other and build relationships so that you can work together to create your productions. The Community Forum is a space for members to look for a crew, discuss topics for upcoming shows and network with their fellow PCAM Community.

You can access the Community Forum by logging into your PhillyCAM account and selecting the Community Forum from the Forum section under your member tools. You can see the latest activities, post new forum topics and browse previous topics there.

Seeking Crew

Use this forum to find certified members for your productions. Studio Crew, Editors and even Basic Field Producing members.

General Discussion

Use this Forum to get in touch and swap ideas with other members. Find guests, props and more information on topics for your productions.

Studio Crew & Producers

Use this forum to talk with other Studio Producers about working in the space and exchanging ideas.