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A Message From PhillyCAM Staff

  • PhillyCAM Staff
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  • October 30, 2020

We are not only PhillyCAM staff, we are your neighbors. We recognize that it’s difficult to feel safe, certain, or hopeful about much right now. We feel the distress and unrest of reinforced systems of oppression. We are aware that these systems are historically embedded in our society and institutions. These oppressive ideologies are often internalized within each of us, as well.

At PhillyCAM, our work is about people first. We recognize the trauma of the global and local genocide of Black and Brown people.  Our staff demonstrates diversity of thought, lived experiences, abilities, gender expression, and sexuality and we serve the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, a city on Lenape territory and a land enriched with the legacy of Black and Indigenous cultures. We condemn state violence and harm perpetuated by media that reinforces and justifies inequity and white supremacy. We stand for media that reflects and represents our community. We want to ensure the accessibility and equity of media production, education, and distribution. We want people to feel equipped and empowered to produce and experience media without a commercial agenda, free of harm. 

Every moment of 2020 invites us to reckon with who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It’s personal and it’s professional. We must consider the historical context of our intersectionality, and the possibilities we’ve yet to imagine. We must fight for change by standing alongside our neighbors, combating misinformation with community-based news, and exercising our right to vote.  

In the midst of multiple public health and political crises, we're grappling with how to best cultivate a shared vision of what people-powered media can be. We are focusing on our strategic planning process to envision a future in which we embody our values and ensure our work is equitable, responsive, accountable, and anti-racist. We are seeking to create this vision together. Our People Powered Media Fest is one such small step in developing such a vision and will culminate in a public Town Hall virtual event on November 12th. Consider joining us in this conversation.  

Know that we stand in solidarity and support of all the organizers and activists, throughout our neighborhoods, the US, and abroad who give life, light, and love to the lives of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Trans bodies. All BLACK lives matter. We believe this and know there is a way forward for us to live and thrive in harmony on this planet. Let’s tell this story and build the future right now together. 


PhillyCAM Staff

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