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Notes/Guidelines for Producers and Directors Using the Studios

  • Ryan Saunders
  • |
  • November 8, 2019

(Main Studio, Express Studio, Green Screen Studio, Community Room)

Before the Shoot:


Rundown Sheet:

A Rundown Sheet is now required for all studio shoots. The Rundown Sheet must be emailed/presented to Tech Services at least 1 day before the shoot. An updated version can be given the day of your shoot, but staff must have some form of a rundown for the shoot. This way we can anticipate needs better. Consistent failure to present a rundown to staff will result in a verbal warning or suspension of studio use. The producer or director can email the sheet as a pdf to techservices@phillycam.org.

Video / Audio Clips:

For TV shows and productions using roll-ins - video/audio/stills: These must be presented at least and preferably one day before the shoot. If not possible, staff must be made aware before the shoot that these items will be presented immediately on the day of the shoot for staff to import into the respective show.

Roll-in audio and video clips must be checked and played back in the Broadcast Pix to ensure they work properly. Audio board operators must know the fader controls and pre-test audio to ensure proper playback, correct format, and levels.

Producer/Audio board operator: 

Complete proper audio and mic checks.

If audio or video needs to be played in the studio, then those must be tested before so that inputs on the audio board can be added to AuX 5-6, 7-8 and tested BEFORE the program begins. That way no one is scrambling, no confusion as to what needs to be fed in the studio and no delays during the show.

Producer/TD: Complete proper white balance of Studio Cameras.

Producer: Studio Lighting Grid:

Must be presented for staff review, or at the very least the producer discusses lighting design with tech staff. Even though most series maintains the same set, staff could require a new plan if there are major changes to set design.


After the Shoot:

Producer or Designee Checklist

Cables wrapped properly - 

Batteries out of all microphones 

Electronics including laptop computers are shut down properly.

If a PhillyCAM SD card is used please ensure the material is logged on the form in the Equipment room. Media files must be copied off SD cards ASAP. PhillyCAM is not responsible for lost files  

Storage closet left in proper condition.

Producer or Designee checks in with staff to review the Storage space closet and Sign-in the Reservation Form before leaving. The producer should be the last to leave even if someone else is signing out and returning equipment. Above all else, the producer is responsible for his/her production.


Screenings and other Events in the Main Studio or Community Room:

Screenings and or Events need to be addressed differently especially if guests, food, music, alcohol, etc. is involved.

Before the Screening or Event:

Fill out the online Event Space Request Form.

Staff reviews the request

Upon approval, a reservation if already made for the space is approved. If a reservation request is not made then one will have to be made (Staff or member may need to do this).

Video and audio must be reviewed before screenings so that the producer sees and hears what the video will look like and accept the limitations of the projector. If possible staff can make minor adjustments on the computer, not the projector.

If the producer chooses not to review then they must be made aware that PhillyCAM cannot guarantee or be held responsible for quality issues during the screening.

After the Screening or Event:

The Post screening or Event follows similar steps outlined for a production shoot in the Studio.