Remembering Salima Hakeem Mohammad


With deep sadness, we remember long-time PhillyCAM member, Salima Hakeem Mohammad, who passed in December 2021.

Salima was one of the early pioneering PhillyCAM members. Full of life, energy and not one to create your 'standard' program show ideas. She was one of PhillyCAM's diva; proud, self assured and motherly. She freely shared her life experiences and talked lovingly of her grandchildren.

She first produced Salima Speaks, a talk show on a variety of topics & then later produced Our View, a talk show for seniors. Often she would welcome members in the commons, always seeking guests for her show. She would attend every gathering at PhillyCAM, talking and taking pictures with everyone. She also served as a member of PhillyCAM Board of Directors.

Salima was one of PhillyCAM's most prolific producers. During her ten-year membership, she produced several successful talk shows. The episodes below showcase Salima's work. Watch more episodes on her program page.

Salima Hakeem Muhammad Videos