Statement of Caring and Support

Black and Brown Solidarity Artwork by Jesus Barraza

June 3, 2020

Dear PhillyCAM Community,

In these unprecedented times, PhillyCAM's role is to make space and center conversations about police violence, racism, poverty, and social justice movements. As Philadelphia’s People Powered Media we have a responsibility to use our non-commercial television and radio platforms to elevate the voices on the margins that are drowned out in mainstream media, to provide necessary context, to make room for nuanced and diverse points of view and shed light on the counter narratives of those most impacted.

To our PhillyCAM member community: We are here. We see you. We hear you. We support you. PhillyCAM stands with you to demand racial justice and an end to violence against Black and Brown people. More than ever we must all advocate for a society with communities that are free of this pain and injustice. In spite of the flaws of mainstream media coverage of these events, as media makers, storytellers, and community reporters we must condemn attacks on journalists on the front lines who are being arrested, threatened, and attacked. 

This time requires more than making statements of support and condemnation. We need to devote the same degree of attention and intention fighting to dismantle white supremacy and counteracting the ills it creates as we are doing to fight the spread of Covid-19. PhillyCAM’s leadership in partnership with staff is committed to an internal process of applying a racial justice frame to our work.

Help us chart a path forward in fighting oppression in all its forms through the power of community media. Join the conversation via PhillyCAM’s social media or email us at

And keep making media that reflects the multiplicity of truths that need to be shared.

In Solidarity

PhillyCAM Board of Directors

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