Termite Collective, April Member of the Month

Termite TV Collective makes media to challenge rigid structures through formal disruption, experimental methods, and community engagement. Just as the subterranean termite tears away at structural foundations through ingenuity and collective practice, Termite TV Collective believes that an expanded visual language is the vehicle for imagining new futures and provoking new thinking on pressing issues of our time.

We work collectively and collaboratively, encouraging the freedom to explore with a sense of playfulness, spontaneity, and discovery. Through individual expression radiating out from common themes, Termites co-create space for idea sharing and collective world-building.

We are thrilled to have been involved with PhillyCAM during it’s early origins.

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More Termite TV

PORTALS: Termite TV's 31st Anniversary Exhibition

April 1 - April 23
In-Person at Cherry Street Pier

The PORTALS media extravaganza includes work from over 35 artists, including current and past members of the Termite TV Collective. Celebrating their 31st year of cooperative and groundbreaking artmaking, this Philly-based group of artists is exploring the concept of this moment in time, our emergence through the pandemic, as a portal to our future existence.

The exhibition includes video sculptures and installations and selections from Termite TV’s community-based Augmented and Virtual Reality project, “Places of Power.”

The opening reception is First Friday, April 7, 4-9 pm. On Friday, April 21, 2023 at 7pm, the show culminates in a premiere screening of the video collection, Portals, a collaboration with PhillyCAM.