What is Hindenburg?

  • Jeff Bethea
  • |
  • JANUARY 25, 2018

Hindenburg is an intuitive, easy-to-use audio editing software that is devoid of bloat features and deserves consideration. Its name paying homage to the world’s first eyewitness radio report of an infamous airship disaster, Hindenburg allows you to focus less on the technical stuff and more on telling your story.

For those of you familiar with other audio editing applications (e.g. Audacity, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, etc.), Hindenburg is a breeze to jump in and get started producing and publishing. Majority of its features either work automatically or are simplified to one button/knob you can use to tweak your settings. Unlike most audio editors, Hindenburg boasts a host of goodies such as auto-leveling, voice profiling, and a “clipboard” for organization making it a cinch to get great sounding mixes with minimal effort.

Check out the following video for a brief overview of the software.

See below for all the features offered in each version. Here at PhillyCAM we have Hindenburg Broadcaster so if you're producing content here, you're golden!