Yonique Myrie, June Member of the Month

Yonique Myrie is originally from Jamaica but has been in Philadelphia for close to a decade. She is currently a student a Kline Law, Drexel University. She is very passionate about  empowering ordinary people with the power to advocate for themselves and she is currently involved in a grass root organization, GREAT, in her neighborhood that is fighting for housing  justice and security. She loves to  write poetry.

Yonique believes everyone has a story to tell and Block by Block community radio has provided an avenue for those stories to be told and heard. Block by Block has helped her to  connect  with  people who share the same vigour and drive for community upliftment and  development. Yonique has enjoyed learning new skills that she can use in the future and would encourage everyone to apply for this fellowship because it is a great opportunity to report on and produce stories.