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Denise James

photo - Denise James, Board Director
Denise James is an experienced journalist, multimedia content creator, and teacher. She's worked in Detroit, at the nation’s first Black owned television station, in Greensboro, Durham and then Philadelphia at Action News. She is known for thorough, creative, inclusive coverage, and for telling stories that reflect marginalized people’s truths in empowering ways. Now as a college instructor and coach, she helps evolving journalists develop their skills. She has a production company and she champions transparency and positive police-community relations as Communications Director at the Philadelphia Police Department. Denise works in the public trust, giving voice to otherwise marginalized people.
There is power in diversity. From childhood, my life has reflected diversity in action. I am an African American, whose father was West Indian and whose mother was African American, Native American, German and Jewish (my grandmother fled Hitler’s Germany as a young teen). I celebrate all that I am. Attending an elementary school that looked and felt like the United Nations set a high bar for my appreciation of the texture and value of diversity. My stepfather’s work organizing work stoppages and marches with Progressive Labor Party helped shape my need to include voices otherwise relegated to the margins.



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