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Board Election


2019 Board Elections

Every year members are encouraged to participate in the governance of PhillyCAM by electing board members and also by running for the board. The board of directors is responsible for ensuring the health and growth of the PhillyCAM and keeping our work in line with our mission, vision, and values.


Board members are elected to a 2-year term and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms. Board members are expected to attend meetings, serve on at least one board committee, participate in discussions and decision-making related to policies for organizational governance, represent PhillyCAM publicly, participate in long-range planning, approve the annual budget, and other responsibilities as needed.


PhillyCAM's board is made up of 19 people, 15 are elected in various categories which include:

  • 8 members are nominated by a non-profit organization,
  • 4 are individual Voting members, 2 are Certified Producers and
  • 1 member is nominated by community media/media justice organization.

The other 4 board members are appointed, they include:

  • President of City Council (or their designee),
  • Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Philadelphia (or their designee).
  • The Board of Trustees of the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia School Board each have one (1) appointee.

For more information about the board election please refer to the Article IV of the Bylaws.

Nominations and Voting is conducted entirely online. There are no paper ballots. If you have limited access to a computer you can use PhillyCAM computers to submit nominations or vote. You can also seek assistance at PhillyCAM in completing nomination forms or voting.

There are 9 positions to be filled this Board Election 2019.

  • 2 Certified Producers
  • 2 Self-Nominated
  • 5 Nominated by a non-profit organization, headquartered within the City of Philadelphia