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Carlos Oropeza - January Member of the Month


Besides the skills from the Crew and Producer’s workshops which include floor manager, camera operator, director, technical director, audio, teleprompter I have developed much better organization and communication skills which is important to any broadcast production project.

I have worked on various projects which include Health Time TV, Voices in the Community, Heart of Philly, The Hype, Buzz Club, Salima Speaks, Accentuate, Conversations Across Time, Miles of Music.

The most enjoyable part of PhillyCam is the people….The feeling of belonging to a community dedicated to teaching each other and learning from one another….Creating programs that enlighten, inform and entertain the community.

Why consider joining PhillyCam? The PhillyCam community is a diverse community of creative people. There is something here for everybody. PhillyCam offers many great workshops from field productions, broadcast productions to post productions. You can learn how to operate a camera, how to edit, graphics and compositing, how to organize a production among many others. If you have something to say or show that can uplift, inform or entertain the community then PhillyCam is for you. There is always someone here who is willing to help.

PhillyCam is a vital part of the community. PhillyCam gives a voice to the people especially when no one else does. There are many wonderful musicians, artists and filmmakers that are given an opportunity to have an outlet for their creativity. You can even learn how to cook. PhillyCam is a great teaching and learning environment…It is a community that appreciates and values one another.