How can my original photos and music be submitted to the bulletin board?


You can send a simple signed note stating that PhillyCAM has permission to cablecast your work and show it on our website. Please include a list of the photos and song titles and your contact info on the note. Music should be in mp3 format. Photos for slideshow can be 1280x720 jpeg format.

If you want to include the title of the photo and your name over the air at the same time as the photograph appears, it should be included as title-safe text at the bottom and/or top of the image. 

Alternately, you can provide an opening title slide introducing the theme with you as the photographer. Save the slideshow as JPEGs and rename each image file with your name and number consecutively in the order that you want the images to play.

You can deliver the images through your own transfer service (such as google drive) or on a thumb drive or through your user account in the PhillyCAM media lab.