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Imrana Ali - February Member of the Month

February 11, 2016

Thank you PhillyCAM for the privilege to become February 2016 member of the month. This organization is a great asset to the Philadelphia community offering opportunities to develop creative endeavors in a supportive environment.

I first learned of public access media in Atlanta, Georgia. Their format is similar to that of Philadelphia in that you attend orientation, production classes with goal of producing your own show.

I have a Bachelors in Data Processing from Cameron University in Lawton Oklahoma. I attended Temple Fox School of Business with minor in Information technololgy . I graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta in 1995. I practiced law in Georgia for a few years and as of 2008 I have not been active in the field of law. I returned to the Philadelphia area in 2010 and I have been a member PhillyCAM since 2015.

Since March of 2015 I have been an active member. As a crew member I have to work with people as we struggle to learn a new talent , patching cable, checking audio, setting stage and props, or operating the teleprompter. As a producer I have to create a program, develop a team and submit the whole concept to the program director for approval.

Finally, PhillyCAM has various software packets, on the Macintosh stations in the media lab and I would like to become proficient with Adobe Premiere. Working with this software will allow me to see the show through its entirety.