Jihad Ali - January Member of the Month

Jihad Ali - Member of the Month

We congratulate Jihad Ali on being selected as PhillyCAM’s January Member of the Month. We commend Jihad for dedicating much of his time to participating in production workshops and improving his camera skills by working on his own projects and volunteering as a crewmember for others. Since becoming a PhillyCAM member, Jihad has been able to tell his own story and “produce quality video on any subject matter with quality sound and proper lighting.” He also appreciates accessing equipment to provide assistance to others who are not members of PhillyCAM.

In addition to his commitment to learning production equipment and techniques, we are thankful for Jihad’s success in recruiting new members. He feels “others should join PhillyCAM to be able to produce quality media that can be distributed over a broad spectrum of applications.” He also believes PhillyCAM is a benefit to the community as it “allows for one to tell their own story whatever that may be; it allows for the distribution of their story to a viewership of over 300,000 people on a consistent basis in the timeframe of their choosing. PhillyCAM keeps the general public informed of issues that are important to the fellow citizens and the community at large.”